Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Harper

Dear Harper,

I love you so much but I think it's about time you move out. The way you dance around and wiggle your little body makes me feel sick. And not only do I
feel sick, I actually get sick...and throw up.

You are allowed to stay in your current home for another month or so, but please do not stay until the end of your lease (which is up in two months) because I would prefer to hang out with you when you're outside my body, and I think we will get along better then.

I think it's funny that you flutter like a butterfly and swim like a fish, but unfortunately, my stomach does not feel the same way, and she was there first.

With that being said, please consider my request and feel free to join me, your dad, and your sister sooner than later.

Thanks & With Love,
Your Mom
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