Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mrs. Clean

Today I had a major cleaning day and I discovered a couple of new cleaning products that changed my life...

This stuff smells so good; it is almond scented, and my sniffer is a sucker for that smell of sweet deliciousness.  I hate dusting, but today I dusted my entire house because I just couldn't get enough of it. And, it is a planet-friendly cleaning product...trying to do what I can in honor of Earth Day ;)

This stuff is also almond house smells so yummy right now.  My hardwood floors are a pain to keep clean (they are really dark wood...I have to vacuum/mop like every single day) but when they are all sparkly they look so pretty.  You just squirt this stuff on the floor and mop it up. Simple.

You can get method brand cleaners at Target (and on if you prefer to do your shopping online).  Anyways, I normally don't get so excited about cleaning stuff, but this was a good find in my book.

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