Friday, May 28, 2010

A Stinky Blogger

I admit it, I have been a stinky blogger.  I started off with so much potential, I had great hopes of keeping our family blog constantly updated, but something has happened, and I have been busy, and blogging has been in the back of my mind...or well, not really even on my mind at all.  I promise I will get better (because, hello, I know you are waiting on the edge of your seat for me to post an update).  I am about to go on "maternity leave" (it seems so cheesy for me to even call it that, but what else should I title it?) and then I will have nothing but time to photograph my cute and growing family and post updates about all of the exciting things in our lives; diaper changes, feedings, sleep deprivation, you know, the usual newborn type stuff. Oh ya, and I can write about some of the funny toddler things that happen day to day too.

There isn't a whole lot to report as of now.  Sawyer is great, less than a month away from being two! That little girl is just the best...and all this crap about the "terrible twos" seems to be a big fat lie, because so far (well, I guess she isn't even 2 yet!) I love love the stage she is in.  As for myself, I am doing pretty good considering I am walking around with a watermelon tucked under my shirt (or hanging out the bottom of my shirt...I never really bought any real maternity clothes, so I am starting to outgrow everything) and hopefully that little watermelon will present itself as a baby in the next week or so, and of course, Marc is busy working away and being a pretty rad dad.  Was that entire paragraph one sentence? I am too lazy to go back and excuse my punctuation errors...

Life really is pretty good (but don't you hate it when people only blog about how perfect their lives are?) and I have very little to complain about (well I am always complaining about Marc...but unfortunately that is just in my nature and there is little we can do about it) and I am just excited for the things that are soon to come.  Anyways, check back, one of these days I will have awesome pictures to post and fun and exciting stories to tell, but until then...adios mis amigos :)

p.s Marc asked me to never do a post with just a lot of writing because that is "sooooo boring" consider this my apology in advance :)
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