Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Our Little One is getting SO big! Just today I was noticing how much her legs have chunked up since the first time I saw her.  She is becoming more alert and is getting better at holding her head up.  I love the newborn stage, but I really love it when they can start to interact and they begin noticing the world around them.

Before Harper was born I imagined myself having all kinds of fabulous newborn photo shoots and taking tons of pictures of our new family member.  I have, in fact, taken a ton of pictures, but I have yet to have a "photo shoot" with our little one.  In those first few weeks I was too tired to take pictures, let alone, edit them.  I hope Harper forgives me for not taking cute pictures of her curled up in a little ball stuffed in baskets and buckets.  I am still tired, but I am slowly getting into more of a routine.  Some days are a big old mess and I feel like I am running in circles picking up Sawyer's messes (or, not picking them up...) and holding and burping Harper trying to keep her happy.  For the most part, Harper is a really easy baby.  She is a good sleeper (naps a lot during the day) and is generally content.  Occasionally a burp or a toot gets in the way of her happiness, but once we work that out, things are good again.

I am still behind on so many things in my life (thank you cards, for example) but I am hopeful that I will catch up soon! A few posts ago I mentioned posting pictures from Wild Rivers and a few other places...not sure that will ever actually happen.  So much time has passed now, and really, I just don't feel like fishing those pictures out of my 40,000 photos I have in iPhoto. 

Anyways, here are a few pictures of Harper from today...I love this little girl <3

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