Monday, September 13, 2010

Apple Picking in Juliann

Last weekend we drove out to Juliann with our good friends to do a little apple picking.  The ride should have only taken us about an hour and a half, but we hit some gnarly traffic and were stuck in our car for over 4 hours.  Surprisingly, the kids were actually quite good, even though they were confined to their car seats for an unexpectedly long time.

We went to Raven Hill Orchard.  The guy who runs the orchard is a sculptor, so he had some of his creations on the property.  He was a funny dude, I should have snapped a picture of him too...he was sporting several peace signs, had long hair, a peculiar accent, and told us to "head North" to find the good apples in his orchard.  

(I wanted Marc to take a picture with me, he was driving me nuts and not is like trying to take a picture with a toddler ;) )

The kids were really good and Sawyer was having a lot of fun.  It was stinkin' hot outside, Sawyer's cheeks were so flushed.  I had planned on carrying Harper around in her Ergo Carrier, but that made her angry and she wanted to be snuggled up in her car seat instead.

We definitely made some fun memories on our little adventure, it was a really fun day.

The next time our friends Brian & Katina go apple picking, they will have a baby girl there to join them :)
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