Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love Those Lazy Days

We had a happy, fairly lazy weekend...that is a perfect weekend if you ask me :)  

Friday, January 28, 2011

bona fied.

Sometimes I feel like a real bona fied mom.  You know, the type that has two kids in the cart at Costco, the type that drives a big oversized slightly unnecassary but totally wonderful SUV, the type that does "fun" activities even if she doesn't really think they are fun at all, but just so that her kids have fun, the type that leaves the house with wet hair just so that she has time to wash, dry and curl her daughter's hair, the type that gets ridiculously excited over a new vacuum, the type that thinks sleeping in until 7:30 is a treat, the type that sees a movie in a move theater once every 8 months (if she is so lucky), the type of mom that goes to the mall to look for new clothes for herself but comes home with bags of clothes for the kids instead, the type that passes up chances to hang out with friends just so that she doesn't have to mess up the kids' schedule, the type that smiles while she is driving because she can hear the cute little chatter (and cooing) of her babies that are sitting in the row behind her, the type that lives half of her life in a fog because her brain is constantly spinning wondering who needs to eat next, did I change so and sos diaper before we left? I hope I have an extra change of clothes for the baby, oh wait, the toddler needs an extra change of clothes too. Did I remember to make a 9-month well check-up appointment, when do I need to start looking into preschools? Is it OK if my daughter eats fishy crackers for dinner?  And what if my other daughter has decided that her favorite thing to eat is pineapple and wants little to do with anything else? And then...just as I am really feeling like the real deal mom, I realize that my "mom face" is a total fail.  I don't scare my daughter.  My serious voice (which I hope is a little scary too) happens to make Sawyer laugh, and she tells me I am funny.  I have to fight back a smile as I am being "stern" because Sawyer is staring at me with her huge blue eyes and a big old cheesy grin.  I can't be any scarier because well, frankly, that is just not me.  I refuse to spank and yelling does nada.  So here I am,  a mom, a real one, but not the type that her kids are scared of, ever, and not the type that has it all figured out.  Seriously, how are you not supposed to giggle when they are being is, usually, a little bit funny.  So, after six attempts to get Sawyer to nap today, book reading, and song singing,  I finally got to experience some success.  This week has been long, I don't know why...but I have been struggling.  So naptime was a majorly big deal today.  After lots of finger pointing and "serious faceness" the thing that got Sawyer to stay in her bed was me slamming the door.  Go figure.  Apparently the sound of the door is a heck of a lot scarier than I am. do I tell her that it is absolutely not OK for her to slam doors?  


I wrote that above part on Thursday but then I was too tired to finish the post.  I was in bed by 7:00 last night.  After the girls woke up from their naps we took the girls to the beach.  Marc was home early (such a treat!) so we went and hung out and let the kids (well, Sawyer) run around.  It was awesome.

Today I headed down to the pier with a long lost friend I hadn't seen in ages and the kids were great.  

We definitely ended the week on a high note.

This was Sawyer on Thursday after art class.  These stairs are at the beach club where her class is.  She loves her little class, by the way.  And, she picked out her own outfit...

I probably don't need to tell you that this picture was taken at the beach.  (p.s Look how cute her little hand fits into his)

She pulled her skirt up like a total nerd.  Not sure why.  Sometimes I am clueless as to why she does the things she does and I am sure I will be like that for the rest of my life.

My mom made Harper's tank top (well she added the stuff to it)...we think it is pretty cute! Thanks Tutu :)

While we were at the beach Sawyer took her first picture ever with a real camera.  She has some learning to do...but come on, no one is perfect their first try.

This little beauty is on one of the trees in our backyard.  I can't wait until the whole tree is covered in them.

This was today at the beach.  We just hung out by the San Clemente Pier.  We live in the best place ever. 

Harper got to spend some time with her friend Samantha.

This was after we got home and I was unpacking the car.  Her eyes are SO blue.  I am envious.  (And her eyes aren't Photoshopped...they really are that blue and sparkly)

Sawyer face was filthy post-beach.  We went straight for the bath.

This was after the bath.  I think her hair already got blonder again.

Harper after the bath before bed...

After Harper's bath I took her downstairs to say goodnight to Marc and Sawyer.  Sawyer wanted to come back upstairs with us to read Harper a book before bed.  In theory, it was super sweet.  But Sawyer just kept quickly flipping the pages saying she was "looking for a good page" and then she got hung up on the writing on the inside cover.  The book is from Mazie's grandma and she had written a note to my girls in it.  Sawyer couldn't figure out who colored in her book.  I hope she didn't get any ideas ;) (she probably did).  Harper quickly got bored and I had to put her na-night.

Now the girls are in bed and Marc is sound asleep on the couch (typical for a Friday evening around here).  Looks like I will enjoy some quiet time to myself :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

That Has Got to Hurt. Or not.

Is it just me or do the rolls around her knees look painful?  They must not hurt too bad because this little one is all smiles.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Enjoy It.

I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV...a special about the McCaughey septuplets was on.  Remember them ?  7 babies...all born at the same time...sounds like a nightmare.  But, now they are thirteen.  And I cried.  Why does everyone have to grow up so fast?  Everyone grows up, everyone gets old.  I don't want anyone in my family to get older.  I want to freeze time.  For everyone.  I want my parents to stay the way they are, and my Bubbie and Grams, and Marc's parents, and Marc.  I want to always have my sister to call and my kids to want me to lay next to them in bed and hold their hand as they fall asleep.  I was grouchy on Monday.  Remember I said I needed my sleep?  I tried not to be a grump, but I was.  And then last night Sawyer was struggling and woke up in hysterics and refused to sleep in her bed.  And she wanted me to hold her while she slept in our bed.  I held onto her until she was asleep and then I went and slept in her bed because she was sleeping on my side of the bed and I was feeling claustrophobic (her bed is ridiculously comfortable, by the way. She is spoiled). But anyways, I was happier today.  And I am glad I wasn't grouchy and I was appreciating my kids for everything that they are.  This is probably rambling nonsense that no one cares about.  But it is just a reminder for me...enjoy it :)

This was my boss on Monday...she was making me want to quit my job.  Doesn't she just look like a pain in this picture? She was probably bossing me as I was taking this ;)

Marc was nice enough to let me go for a run when he got home from work (I sound like he never lets me get out by myself...he does...a lot...he is the best.)  Sawyer chilled on the couch and watched a movie on her iPod.  Her headphones are clutch.  

Harper had a graham cracker for the first time this morning.  In fact, it is her first "real" food.  She doesn't have any teeth, but she just kind of gnaws and sucks on it.  It made her pretty happy.  I have tried to give her those little Gerber puffs and she is so confused by them.  My sister told me that Mazie likes graham crackers, so I thought Harps should give them a try too.

While I was doing a little cleaning and vacuuming (I got a new vacuum, by the way! I sucked it up, no pun intended, and got a Dyson. I love it! Maybe it is because I have always used semi-crappy vacuums in the past, but this thing is amazing.)  I looked over at Sawyer and she was setting up her little toy people and pretending to take pictures of them.  It was so cute.  She was moving them around and posing them and adding different things to each picture. (Please disregard that she is holding the camera backwards...I have pointed this out to her many times, she just prefers it this way) 

Superstar Marc stopped at Lowe's on his way home from work to buy us a garden gnome (awhile back I mentioned that I thought it would be funny to have one...I am surprised he remembered) and bought more rocks to add to one of our planters.

While Marc worked in the yard I stalked our kids with my camera.  It is so cute to watch them.  It was getting cooler outside as the sun was setting.  Sawyer was concerned that Harper was getting "a little told" and was trying to cover her up with a blanket.  

I tied the girls together with the blanket, not really sure why.

Tonight, before bed, Marc & Sawyer went outside with a flashlight to find the gnome.  It was so cute.  They decided to have an impromptu marshmallow roasting session.  This was Sawyer's first time roasting a marshmallow :)

Now I am going to go to bed so that I don't have another repeat grumpy day like Monday.  I like to avoid those.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Quick Pops, Burgers, the Beach and Our Cute Babes

It is really late, and I am really tired, so this will be short.  I needed to finish up some work before I could update our family blog so I am doing this later than I would prefer.  

We had a good weekend, mostly hung out at home.  Well, that isn't entirely true, but we didn't go out of town.  So yeah, we were at home.  On Saturday Marc worked on a project, he cleaned out a planter and added rocks to it.  Probably sounds a little random, but it actually looks really good. Since I am not posting any pictures of it, take my word for it. 

I was kind of a grouch part of Saturday.  Things weren't going the way I had planned them in my head and I was acting like a big old baby.  Luckily our good friends came over in the afternoon and went to dinner with us and we watched a movie...that cheered me up :)  

While Marc worked in the yard Sawyer "helped" him.  She really just got dirt all over her face and on her shoes, and then decided to walk inside after I had just cleaned the floors and our vacuum broke (time to get a new one, darn it).  I think this is partly the reason for my grumptastic mood, but I got over it.

Harper supervised the rock project.  I still put pillows behind her when she is sitting on a hard surface because sometimes she gets excited, kicks her legs, and flings herself backwards.  It really is a little bit sad.  So, the pillows prevent her from squashing her little noggin.

On Sunday (today) I woke up early and went for a run (go me!) and then Sawyer wore her jammies and went with me to the grocery store.  Normally I wouldn't think that is acceptable (I don't really like it when kids where sweats and pajamas out in public...I don't care if other people let their kids do that...I don't really want mine to do that...which is ironic because I wore pajamas to school when I was in high school...but that was just really bad judgment on my part) but we were there before 8:30 so I let it slide ;)

It was sunny out so we decided to go to the beach.  We originally wanted to paddle, but Marc has been playing basketball again (in all fairness he had 3 games last week) and his old man body was really sore, so we decided to veg in the sand instead.

The beach this summer will be different than last year, I suspect.  Sawyer easily entertains herself and doesn't talk about snacks the entire time.  She played with her bucket and shovel and started digging and told me she needed to find more sand.  I told her that  everywhere she looked was sand and she was still convinced that she needed to find some more.  Hmm?  

Harper can't move yet so she just sits wherever you put her.  SO nice.  Although, by the time the real summer rolls around she will be older than a year, so I am sure she will be crawling and pretty close to walking.  Not so nice.  Oh well.

After the beach the kids napped (did I mention that Sawyer is back to taking naps on a regular basis?  As of last Thursday...but it is truly wonderful) we BBQ'd burgers and made popsicles in our Zoku Quick Pop maker and was used our snazzy new blender to mix up the fruit.  Yum.  It took us awhile to figure out how to get the popsicles out (don't ask why) but once we did we all thought they were yummy.  We made creamy strawberry popsicles...Harper loved it.  She has never had so much sugar in her life.  Literally.

We had to wake Sawyer up to come eat dinner with us. She wasn't perfectly pleasant at first...

But she perked up.

Now I am officially exhausted and my kids will be waking me up in about 5 1/2 hours (and I need 8 hours of sleep to be a happy lady) so tomorrow might be long ;)  Good night.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Just Another Friday

It is just another some warm January sunshine, a fixed kitchen sink (did I mention that we had a leak?), a little toenail painting, some colorful paints, topless jumping, and some happy smiles.  Oh how I love the weekends.  

Harper's teeth have yet to break through...but the amount of drooling means they have to be coming soon, right?

Trying out the newly rejuvenated her :)

A little pink polish for my little girly girl.

Dot Art paints.  Lots of fun.  Not very  messy.  Perfect for Sawyer.

I brought the bouncer outside for Harper to play in while Sawyer did her project.  She finally figured out how to jump in it.  She is too cute.

And Sawyer loves projects.  When she wakes up in the morning and crawls into my bed I always ask her what she wants to do.  She responds (95% of the time) with "Sawyer needs to do a little project".  

Harper not only figured out how to jump in her bouncer, but how to play the music too.  Sawyer loves the music...and likes to jump along.  Harper looks like she isn't so sure about that sister of hers.  And why is Sawyer topless?  Who knows.  She took her shirt of herself while eating breakfast.

This little life of mine isn't too shabby :) 

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Harper's Room, Lacy Dresses & My Favorite Favorite Little Girls

I always thought people were so annoying when all they talked about were their kids.  And how great their kids are.  And how cute they are.  And well, inevitably, I find myself being that person. I am obsessed.  Literally.  I absolutely, positively, cannot get enough of these two. Today I was driving home from running errands and I was smiling.  I felt happy.  My little world makes me happy, and I can't think of anything better than that.   

Harper's room isn't 100% but it is so close.  Good thing, since she is almost 8 months old!  I still need to put pictures in the frames on her dresser (it is a little ridiculous I haven't done that yet since she has like 5 million pictures to choose from) and we want to put a shelf up on the wall for some treasures and books.  I had really wanted to get a new crib and dresser for Harper's room, but she ended up using Sawyer's old stuff and it is working out great and looks totally cute.  Plus, Sawyer thinks it is neat that Harper sleeps in her old bed (with new bedding, of course).

I want to get a new lampshade and a pillow for her chair...

Sawyer said she needed to exercise so she sent herself running.  Harper was hanging out in Sawyer's old umbrella stroller for the first time ever.

Harps loves her wagon...

Sawyer saw some kids in the neighborhood on their scooters so she went and got hers out too.  Before she went for a ride she wanted to finish up her grocery list.  Her two priorities...chocolate milk and peanut butter.  

Sawyer and I gave the self-timer on my camera a whirl.  This picture is totally out of focus.  I think next time Harper will join us instead of sitting in her car seat waiting to leave to go out for lunch.  

And this might be a breath of fresh air.  Pictures that aren't of my kids.  Phew.  It is a picture of something for my kids though.  Since I have already given the girls all of their Valentine's presents (I am terrible at waiting) I think I have to get these dresses for them.  So me, so them, and so yummy.  I love them. 

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