Friday, January 28, 2011

bona fied.

Sometimes I feel like a real bona fied mom.  You know, the type that has two kids in the cart at Costco, the type that drives a big oversized slightly unnecassary but totally wonderful SUV, the type that does "fun" activities even if she doesn't really think they are fun at all, but just so that her kids have fun, the type that leaves the house with wet hair just so that she has time to wash, dry and curl her daughter's hair, the type that gets ridiculously excited over a new vacuum, the type that thinks sleeping in until 7:30 is a treat, the type that sees a movie in a move theater once every 8 months (if she is so lucky), the type of mom that goes to the mall to look for new clothes for herself but comes home with bags of clothes for the kids instead, the type that passes up chances to hang out with friends just so that she doesn't have to mess up the kids' schedule, the type that smiles while she is driving because she can hear the cute little chatter (and cooing) of her babies that are sitting in the row behind her, the type that lives half of her life in a fog because her brain is constantly spinning wondering who needs to eat next, did I change so and sos diaper before we left? I hope I have an extra change of clothes for the baby, oh wait, the toddler needs an extra change of clothes too. Did I remember to make a 9-month well check-up appointment, when do I need to start looking into preschools? Is it OK if my daughter eats fishy crackers for dinner?  And what if my other daughter has decided that her favorite thing to eat is pineapple and wants little to do with anything else? And then...just as I am really feeling like the real deal mom, I realize that my "mom face" is a total fail.  I don't scare my daughter.  My serious voice (which I hope is a little scary too) happens to make Sawyer laugh, and she tells me I am funny.  I have to fight back a smile as I am being "stern" because Sawyer is staring at me with her huge blue eyes and a big old cheesy grin.  I can't be any scarier because well, frankly, that is just not me.  I refuse to spank and yelling does nada.  So here I am,  a mom, a real one, but not the type that her kids are scared of, ever, and not the type that has it all figured out.  Seriously, how are you not supposed to giggle when they are being is, usually, a little bit funny.  So, after six attempts to get Sawyer to nap today, book reading, and song singing,  I finally got to experience some success.  This week has been long, I don't know why...but I have been struggling.  So naptime was a majorly big deal today.  After lots of finger pointing and "serious faceness" the thing that got Sawyer to stay in her bed was me slamming the door.  Go figure.  Apparently the sound of the door is a heck of a lot scarier than I am. do I tell her that it is absolutely not OK for her to slam doors?  


I wrote that above part on Thursday but then I was too tired to finish the post.  I was in bed by 7:00 last night.  After the girls woke up from their naps we took the girls to the beach.  Marc was home early (such a treat!) so we went and hung out and let the kids (well, Sawyer) run around.  It was awesome.

Today I headed down to the pier with a long lost friend I hadn't seen in ages and the kids were great.  

We definitely ended the week on a high note.

This was Sawyer on Thursday after art class.  These stairs are at the beach club where her class is.  She loves her little class, by the way.  And, she picked out her own outfit...

I probably don't need to tell you that this picture was taken at the beach.  (p.s Look how cute her little hand fits into his)

She pulled her skirt up like a total nerd.  Not sure why.  Sometimes I am clueless as to why she does the things she does and I am sure I will be like that for the rest of my life.

My mom made Harper's tank top (well she added the stuff to it)...we think it is pretty cute! Thanks Tutu :)

While we were at the beach Sawyer took her first picture ever with a real camera.  She has some learning to do...but come on, no one is perfect their first try.

This little beauty is on one of the trees in our backyard.  I can't wait until the whole tree is covered in them.

This was today at the beach.  We just hung out by the San Clemente Pier.  We live in the best place ever. 

Harper got to spend some time with her friend Samantha.

This was after we got home and I was unpacking the car.  Her eyes are SO blue.  I am envious.  (And her eyes aren't Photoshopped...they really are that blue and sparkly)

Sawyer face was filthy post-beach.  We went straight for the bath.

This was after the bath.  I think her hair already got blonder again.

Harper after the bath before bed...

After Harper's bath I took her downstairs to say goodnight to Marc and Sawyer.  Sawyer wanted to come back upstairs with us to read Harper a book before bed.  In theory, it was super sweet.  But Sawyer just kept quickly flipping the pages saying she was "looking for a good page" and then she got hung up on the writing on the inside cover.  The book is from Mazie's grandma and she had written a note to my girls in it.  Sawyer couldn't figure out who colored in her book.  I hope she didn't get any ideas ;) (she probably did).  Harper quickly got bored and I had to put her na-night.

Now the girls are in bed and Marc is sound asleep on the couch (typical for a Friday evening around here).  Looks like I will enjoy some quiet time to myself :)

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