Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Enjoy It.

I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV...a special about the McCaughey septuplets was on.  Remember them ?  7 babies...all born at the same time...sounds like a nightmare.  But, now they are thirteen.  And I cried.  Why does everyone have to grow up so fast?  Everyone grows up, everyone gets old.  I don't want anyone in my family to get older.  I want to freeze time.  For everyone.  I want my parents to stay the way they are, and my Bubbie and Grams, and Marc's parents, and Marc.  I want to always have my sister to call and my kids to want me to lay next to them in bed and hold their hand as they fall asleep.  I was grouchy on Monday.  Remember I said I needed my sleep?  I tried not to be a grump, but I was.  And then last night Sawyer was struggling and woke up in hysterics and refused to sleep in her bed.  And she wanted me to hold her while she slept in our bed.  I held onto her until she was asleep and then I went and slept in her bed because she was sleeping on my side of the bed and I was feeling claustrophobic (her bed is ridiculously comfortable, by the way. She is spoiled). But anyways, I was happier today.  And I am glad I wasn't grouchy and I was appreciating my kids for everything that they are.  This is probably rambling nonsense that no one cares about.  But it is just a reminder for me...enjoy it :)

This was my boss on Monday...she was making me want to quit my job.  Doesn't she just look like a pain in this picture? She was probably bossing me as I was taking this ;)

Marc was nice enough to let me go for a run when he got home from work (I sound like he never lets me get out by myself...he does...a lot...he is the best.)  Sawyer chilled on the couch and watched a movie on her iPod.  Her headphones are clutch.  

Harper had a graham cracker for the first time this morning.  In fact, it is her first "real" food.  She doesn't have any teeth, but she just kind of gnaws and sucks on it.  It made her pretty happy.  I have tried to give her those little Gerber puffs and she is so confused by them.  My sister told me that Mazie likes graham crackers, so I thought Harps should give them a try too.

While I was doing a little cleaning and vacuuming (I got a new vacuum, by the way! I sucked it up, no pun intended, and got a Dyson. I love it! Maybe it is because I have always used semi-crappy vacuums in the past, but this thing is amazing.)  I looked over at Sawyer and she was setting up her little toy people and pretending to take pictures of them.  It was so cute.  She was moving them around and posing them and adding different things to each picture. (Please disregard that she is holding the camera backwards...I have pointed this out to her many times, she just prefers it this way) 

Superstar Marc stopped at Lowe's on his way home from work to buy us a garden gnome (awhile back I mentioned that I thought it would be funny to have one...I am surprised he remembered) and bought more rocks to add to one of our planters.

While Marc worked in the yard I stalked our kids with my camera.  It is so cute to watch them.  It was getting cooler outside as the sun was setting.  Sawyer was concerned that Harper was getting "a little told" and was trying to cover her up with a blanket.  

I tied the girls together with the blanket, not really sure why.

Tonight, before bed, Marc & Sawyer went outside with a flashlight to find the gnome.  It was so cute.  They decided to have an impromptu marshmallow roasting session.  This was Sawyer's first time roasting a marshmallow :)

Now I am going to go to bed so that I don't have another repeat grumpy day like Monday.  I like to avoid those.

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