Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodbye 2010

I swear I blinked and 2010 was over and 2011 had already begun.  2010 was a real good year for us.  On May 29, 2010 Harper joined our family...making the whole year memorable and perfect.  We love our newest addition.  Harper is so happy and easy going, a total dream baby.  She seems to be growing and changing everyday and I am excited to see her every morning when I wake up.  Sawyer has grown up a lot this year too.  People always talk about the terrible two's, but honestly, I don't think they are terrible at all.  We love all of the funny things she says and her cute personality and we are always excited to see what she is going to do next (a lot of the times whatever she is about to do it going to make us laugh).  She is a quirky little thing, and we love that about her.  We stayed home a little more than normal this year but we were lucky enough to go on a couple of trips this year...we made it to Idaho to play in the snow and we made it there in the summer and to play in the lake.  We visited Kauai and made a trip to Seattle.  We also scored a new niece this year, Mazie Jayne.  It is so fun living close to Mazie and Sawyer & Harper both love play dates (and slumber parties) with their cousin.  This year we got a new car (we love our Yukon!) and also got in a car accident with our new car (boo!) but luckily it was someone else's fault and it is currently being fixed up.  Marc didn't spend much time sleeping in 2010 do to his busy work schedule, but he is lucky to have a good job and we keep having to remind ourselves that when the alarm goes off at 2AM and he is headed to the office.  My little photography biz did well this year too, I was really fortunate to get a lot of work, and I started shooting weddings.  I am going to be taking fewer jobs this year so that I can spend more time on the weekends with my kids and husband, but I am going to keep it up because it is something I really do enjoy, and hey, extra money every now and then isn't so bad.  I know I am probably forgetting a million things I should be mentioning, but those are the things that came to my mind at 1:15 in the morning (why am I still up?)

We celebrated Christmas with my family (my parents flew in from Virginia) and we spent the New Years holiday with Marc's family.  We are so lucky to have such great is weird to me that so many people don't like their in-laws...I think mine are pretty great.

Christmas was awesome.  We had Christmas Eve dinner at Bryt's place (she made a delish dinner) and Christmas day was at our house (our first time hosting the holiday!)  It was so awesome having all of my family here with us, for sure the best part of the whole holiday.  

Here is the Ballard family the day after Christmas.  We used a tripod and attempted getting some photos.  I kind of like them ;)

For New Years we spent the holiday with Marc's parents and his sister Mauri and her family.  All holidays are more fun when you have family to spend them with.  On New Year's Eve we went to Dave & Buster's for awhile and played some games and then headed back to Marc's parents house to hang out and eat and ring in the new year.  Around 10:00 we all went to bed because we decided to wake up early and go to Disneyland the next morning (and I had a cold/flu bug so I was dying to get some sleep).

Here is Sawyer counting her winnings at Dave & Buster's.

Who knew the New Year's Day would be a great day for Disneyland?  Although it was stinkin' freezing outside, we had such an awesome time.  We got there when the park opened at 8:00 and we were able to jump on several rides before any lines could even start.  We took Sawyer on Peter Pan first...she kind of liked it, but she really wasn't sure.  Then we proceeded to take her on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (um, she cried, and repeatedly said "all done!") and then we headed over to Dumbo where she cried before the ride even started and told us she wanted the elephant on the ground.  As the day progressed she got more and more confident and less scared.  We thought for sure she would be scared of Pirates of the Caribbean but she handled it like a champ.  Harper's first ride of the day was Small World and her second ride was Pirates.  She handled both of them great.  In fact, Harper was an angel the entire day.  Harper only napped for like 20 minutes, but she did not cry at all during the 9 hours we were at the park...I think that is pretty good for a 7 month old.  Dont'cha think?  The highlight of the day for Sawyer was meeting Mickey Mouse and going into Minnie's house.  She was very impressed my Minnie's white Christmas tree with pink ornaments...she is still talking about it.

I was wearing my hood.  Why?  Because I was freezing.

I think this picture is hilarious.

Harper during her 20 minute snooze.

Sawyer, Grandpa, and from left to right Sawyer's cousins Jolie, Aubrie, Matisse, Emilia & Delaney.

And aside from all of the holiday celebrations and family bonding we have been doing, we have been working on getting Harper's room all decorated and her situated in her crib, and we moved Sawyer into a big girl bed and we are waiting for her dresser and nightstand to come (backordered until February).  I will post more pictures once everything is all done :)  

I am excited for this new year to begin and I am looking forward to another fun and happy year with family & friends.  I love that I get to watch my kids grow and everyday is a new adventure for us.  We have so much to be thankful for.  Marc and I are especially thankful for these two...

Oh, and what is a new years post without new years resolutions?  I am always bad at thinking of "resolutions" but here are some that come to mind.

1. Get organized.  2010 was so busy that my head was spinning and I feel like I have become so disorganized.  I am hoping 2011 slows down a bit and I can get myself back on track.

2. Run.  I used to run a lot.  I think I can count all of the runs I have gone on since Harper was born on one hand.  Not acceptable.  Pavement here I come.

3. Start and finish my photos albums for 2008, 2009, and 2010.  I used to do them yearly.  I don't know how I got so behind.  It is on the top of my list to complete those.

4.  Cook more.  Self explanatory.

5. Spend less time on the computer.  I don't need to spend countless hours stalking blogs of people I don't even know and reading Facebook status updates.  I am sure I will still do a little bit of that every now and then, but I am kind of getting over it anyways.  

6.  Drink more water.  Drink less soda.  I am surprised my teeth have not fallen out already.

7. Get more sleep.  Which means, I need to head off to bed now since it is 2AM and Marc just got up to head off to work ;)

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