Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Harper's Room, Lacy Dresses & My Favorite Favorite Little Girls

I always thought people were so annoying when all they talked about were their kids.  And how great their kids are.  And how cute they are.  And well, inevitably, I find myself being that person. I am obsessed.  Literally.  I absolutely, positively, cannot get enough of these two. Today I was driving home from running errands and I was smiling.  I felt happy.  My little world makes me happy, and I can't think of anything better than that.   

Harper's room isn't 100% but it is so close.  Good thing, since she is almost 8 months old!  I still need to put pictures in the frames on her dresser (it is a little ridiculous I haven't done that yet since she has like 5 million pictures to choose from) and we want to put a shelf up on the wall for some treasures and books.  I had really wanted to get a new crib and dresser for Harper's room, but she ended up using Sawyer's old stuff and it is working out great and looks totally cute.  Plus, Sawyer thinks it is neat that Harper sleeps in her old bed (with new bedding, of course).

I want to get a new lampshade and a pillow for her chair...

Sawyer said she needed to exercise so she sent herself running.  Harper was hanging out in Sawyer's old umbrella stroller for the first time ever.

Harps loves her wagon...

Sawyer saw some kids in the neighborhood on their scooters so she went and got hers out too.  Before she went for a ride she wanted to finish up her grocery list.  Her two priorities...chocolate milk and peanut butter.  

Sawyer and I gave the self-timer on my camera a whirl.  This picture is totally out of focus.  I think next time Harper will join us instead of sitting in her car seat waiting to leave to go out for lunch.  

And this might be a breath of fresh air.  Pictures that aren't of my kids.  Phew.  It is a picture of something for my kids though.  Since I have already given the girls all of their Valentine's presents (I am terrible at waiting) I think I have to get these dresses for them.  So me, so them, and so yummy.  I love them. 

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