Friday, January 21, 2011

Just Another Friday

It is just another some warm January sunshine, a fixed kitchen sink (did I mention that we had a leak?), a little toenail painting, some colorful paints, topless jumping, and some happy smiles.  Oh how I love the weekends.  

Harper's teeth have yet to break through...but the amount of drooling means they have to be coming soon, right?

Trying out the newly rejuvenated her :)

A little pink polish for my little girly girl.

Dot Art paints.  Lots of fun.  Not very  messy.  Perfect for Sawyer.

I brought the bouncer outside for Harper to play in while Sawyer did her project.  She finally figured out how to jump in it.  She is too cute.

And Sawyer loves projects.  When she wakes up in the morning and crawls into my bed I always ask her what she wants to do.  She responds (95% of the time) with "Sawyer needs to do a little project".  

Harper not only figured out how to jump in her bouncer, but how to play the music too.  Sawyer loves the music...and likes to jump along.  Harper looks like she isn't so sure about that sister of hers.  And why is Sawyer topless?  Who knows.  She took her shirt of herself while eating breakfast.

This little life of mine isn't too shabby :) 

Happy Weekend!
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