Thursday, January 13, 2011

Little Picasso

Sawyer had her first art class today.  "Art class" might not be the right term.  She and one of her little friends, Zeke, are in a "paint and pour" program together.  They get to do all kinds of little projects and activities and make a big old mess and I don't have to clean it up.  It is amazing.

Sawyer packed up her backpack with toys and she was ready to go.  She even put her own shoes on...on the right feet and everything.

She was looking kind of serious, maybe she was nervous?

The class is one of those things where the parents stick around and participate too.  This means Harper was also taking part.  She was ecstatic.

Sawyer loves paints.

I would say that this was Sawyer's favorite activity of the day, but I actually think her favorite part was getting to use scissors.  They were safety scissors but still, I was too nervous to take my eye off of her and get a picture.  

She was a little over zealous and even got some paint in her hair.  Her art smock is definitely making its way to the next class with us (they had them there but you had to buy them...and they weren't even cute).

This is Sawyer and Zeke.  Aren't they cute?  Sawyer has ink and paint on her face. Such a doll.  

Typical.  Sawyer was feeling really rad on our way home.  Sunglasses on upside down (she says she likes them this way?) and some lipgloss...what more does a girl need?

And Harps was all smiles even though we ended up taking her into the doctor for what sounded like wheezing.  As it turns out, she just has a lot of leftover mucus and gunk from her cold and she just breathes like a gremlin now.  Poor little girl.

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