Monday, January 10, 2011

Movie Night & San Diego Adventure

Ahh, the weekends come and go  Well, I wouldn't say they come too fast...more like...too slow.  But they definitely go in a hurry.

Saturday was mellow.  We finally got our car back and returned the rental.  That was exciting.  We spent the rest of the day being pretty lazy.  Marc wasn't feeling well and the kids were still recovering.  Colds last forever, don't they?   Gosh.  

After Harper went to bed (she misses out on a lot of fun, poor thing) we had a little movie night with Sawyer.  Sawyer loved it (and Marc did too).  

Marc eventually fell asleep on the couch...

On Sunday we decided to take the day to go down to San Diego.  We didn't have anything planned, just wanted time to hang out together and wander around.  I feel like last year got away from us and everything started moving so fast and we stopped having adventures, so we are going to try to slow life down a little this year.  Is that possible?  I don't know.  But anyways, Sawyer was pumped to head to the big city...

Harper was pumped too, she just has a funny way of showing it.

I wanted a picture in front of this ghetto door with graffiti, and yellow brick around it.  Marc didn't understand my vision, so I just cropped the photo and ended up with this.

It is weird seeing myself with such dark hair.  I call it my winter hair.  

Sawyer was getting tired so I carried Harper in the Ergo carrier (that thing the way) and Sawyer relaxed in Harper's car seat/stroller.  She is a little big for it.

Did you know that all people do in San Diego is eat and get drunk?  Everywhere we looked was food and drinks (or restaurants and bars)...

After the Gaslamp Quarter we walked around Seaport Village.  Sawyer checked out the lobster traps.  Isn't she cool? 

On the drive home we were lucky enough to score views of a beautiful sky.  Aren't we so spoiled to live where we live?

It was a good weekend to say the least.  Road trip to Utah next weekend?  I think that sounds like a plan.

I love filling our days with memories...

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