Thursday, January 6, 2011

On a Roll

I am on a roll peeps.  I have little to say but I keep typing anyways.  

Today was another day at home.  We did make a trip to Goodwill though, that was fun.  I have taken 5 trash bags of clothes to Goodwill this week and I have two trash bags of stuff to take to Children's Orchard.  Have you heard of Children's Orchard?  It is a consignment shop for kids clothes that will "buy" your old clothes from you.  I sort of feel like they are stealing since I get around $50 per full trash bag I bring in (and can you imagine how much all that crap cost when I bought it at the store?) but hey, an extra $50 is pretty exciting none the less.  

Harps woke up happy.  This was thrilling for me because she was sort of a monster when trying to put her to bed last night.  Well, calling her a monster might be a little harsh, but she was being difficult, and she is pretty much never difficult so I didn't even know how to handle the situation.  Luckily it didn't last all that long and she was pooped out.  Phew.  She is getting in her two bottom teeth though...and she still has a she probably had an excuse for being challenging.

While I was loving on Harper this morning Sawyer came over and gave me a hug.  I love hugs from Sawyer, especially the unsolicited ones.  I feel like this picture kind of makes me look pregnant.  I am absolutely not, so lets just say it is a bad angle.

I guess this is Sawyer's favorite skirt?  Yes, I let her go out in public like that today.  I didn't feel like fighting it.  And, when I tried to tell her to take it off she looked at me and said "Brynn, stop it right now!" (I had to concentrate real hard not to laugh).  She says funny stuff.  Like when she told me today she was too skinny for her big girl bed.  Not sure about that one.  Lets face it, I am not sure about  anything that she says.  Like when I asked her why she keeps wearing skirts over all of her clothes and she said "Need to make my face like Tinkerbell!"  And yes, the exclamations I am using are necessary...Sawyer "exclaims" just about everything that she says.  And she repeats it like 48 times.  I will have to discuss her repeat tendencies another time.

Sawyer wanted to go outside and find Tinkerbell and take her picture.  There was some disappointment when Tinkerbell was nowhere to be found.  Poor girl.  But did you notice her awesome pink sparkly Toms?  Ya, her cool Aunt Bryt  gave her those for Christmas.  I am sort of obsessed.

A little while back Harper got a new high chair.  Now we have two high chairs in our kitchen, but Sawyer wasn't ready to give hers up.  Harper is pretty proud of her chair, I think she likes it.

Harper has some serious cheeks on her (as if you didn't notice them without me pointing them out).  I love them.  So yummy - so nibbleable (not a real word, but just go with it).  Her poor little nose is still running.  

And I am still waiting for summer to come...but it looks like we might just skip over it all together, indulge in a cold winter, and possibly have a nice spring?  There was a little glimpse of spring in our garden today...

I was so excited about this lone flower, until Sawyer came over and asked what I was looking at and then ripped it off it's stem and shred it to pieces and dropped the petal remains on the ground.  Devastating.

And lastly, I started working on one of my resolutions today and I took the girls for a walk/jog.  3 miles...pushing a stroller + 2 kids that weighs approximately 60 lbs. = sore bum.   But it was great, and I am ready for it again tomorrow.  For Christmas Sawyer had gotten an iPod Touch from Santa, she she took that with her so she could catch up on some Mickey Mouse episodes and not drive me nuts by trying to get out of her seat.  It worked. 


When we got home there was a big Pottery Barn box sitting on our front porch.  My blue chair came - ya! :)  I ordered some throw pillows from to refresh our family room.  A yellow damask print pillow will be sitting on this chair eventually...I will get better pictures of it later, for now the iPhone image will have to do.

Now all the kids are na-night, the husband is na-night (he crashed when he got home from work at 2:30) and I am about to break one of my resolutions and go through the drive-thru to get a soda so I can stay up late finishing up some editing from a cute photo shoot.

Toodles :)
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