Monday, January 24, 2011

Quick Pops, Burgers, the Beach and Our Cute Babes

It is really late, and I am really tired, so this will be short.  I needed to finish up some work before I could update our family blog so I am doing this later than I would prefer.  

We had a good weekend, mostly hung out at home.  Well, that isn't entirely true, but we didn't go out of town.  So yeah, we were at home.  On Saturday Marc worked on a project, he cleaned out a planter and added rocks to it.  Probably sounds a little random, but it actually looks really good. Since I am not posting any pictures of it, take my word for it. 

I was kind of a grouch part of Saturday.  Things weren't going the way I had planned them in my head and I was acting like a big old baby.  Luckily our good friends came over in the afternoon and went to dinner with us and we watched a movie...that cheered me up :)  

While Marc worked in the yard Sawyer "helped" him.  She really just got dirt all over her face and on her shoes, and then decided to walk inside after I had just cleaned the floors and our vacuum broke (time to get a new one, darn it).  I think this is partly the reason for my grumptastic mood, but I got over it.

Harper supervised the rock project.  I still put pillows behind her when she is sitting on a hard surface because sometimes she gets excited, kicks her legs, and flings herself backwards.  It really is a little bit sad.  So, the pillows prevent her from squashing her little noggin.

On Sunday (today) I woke up early and went for a run (go me!) and then Sawyer wore her jammies and went with me to the grocery store.  Normally I wouldn't think that is acceptable (I don't really like it when kids where sweats and pajamas out in public...I don't care if other people let their kids do that...I don't really want mine to do that...which is ironic because I wore pajamas to school when I was in high school...but that was just really bad judgment on my part) but we were there before 8:30 so I let it slide ;)

It was sunny out so we decided to go to the beach.  We originally wanted to paddle, but Marc has been playing basketball again (in all fairness he had 3 games last week) and his old man body was really sore, so we decided to veg in the sand instead.

The beach this summer will be different than last year, I suspect.  Sawyer easily entertains herself and doesn't talk about snacks the entire time.  She played with her bucket and shovel and started digging and told me she needed to find more sand.  I told her that  everywhere she looked was sand and she was still convinced that she needed to find some more.  Hmm?  

Harper can't move yet so she just sits wherever you put her.  SO nice.  Although, by the time the real summer rolls around she will be older than a year, so I am sure she will be crawling and pretty close to walking.  Not so nice.  Oh well.

After the beach the kids napped (did I mention that Sawyer is back to taking naps on a regular basis?  As of last Thursday...but it is truly wonderful) we BBQ'd burgers and made popsicles in our Zoku Quick Pop maker and was used our snazzy new blender to mix up the fruit.  Yum.  It took us awhile to figure out how to get the popsicles out (don't ask why) but once we did we all thought they were yummy.  We made creamy strawberry popsicles...Harper loved it.  She has never had so much sugar in her life.  Literally.

We had to wake Sawyer up to come eat dinner with us. She wasn't perfectly pleasant at first...

But she perked up.

Now I am officially exhausted and my kids will be waking me up in about 5 1/2 hours (and I need 8 hours of sleep to be a happy lady) so tomorrow might be long ;)  Good night.
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