Sunday, February 6, 2011

Feeling Weepy

Whenever I photograph weddings I always start to feel a little sentimental and they get me thinking about my own family.  I was working all day and came home to a sleeping family.  Although I am really tired too, I can't sleep.  Soooo I started ordering pictures for the empty picture frames in our house (it is seriously ridiculous that all of our frames aren't filled with pictures at all times...I mean, I take like 400 a day) and started looking at photos from the day Harper was born.  I started to feel a little weepy.  And then I decided to go waayyyyy back and look at pictures from the day Sawyer was born.  It is amazing how fast it all goes, but what is even more amazing to me, is how much Marc and I have changed since the birth of each of our kids.  Not that we look all that much different really (well, since Sawyer's arrival, yes, we definitely look older), but just the experiences each child brings into your life changes you forever...and those changes happen immediately after they join us in this world.  I honestly cannot find a good way to express how stinkin' much I love my kids and my family and how grateful I am for my life and the people that are in it.  I often feel like pinching myself because I am just way too lucky.  Seriously.  Marc is my bestest and I knew stalking him way back when in high school was so totally worth it.  And our kids are our world.  I am infatuated and obsessed with our little munchkins.  

Before we had any idea what it was like to be parents, we took this with our point and shoot camera and a tripod down at Strands.  I delivered Sawyer less than a week later, 3 weeks early.  

This was our first family photo at home, the day we came home from the hospital.  So totally clueless, so totally in love.  I actually get teary eyed just looking at it.

Sawyer Lee lit up our world, she changed us forever.

And just when we thought we couldn't love anyone possibly as much as we love Sawyer, Harper Ray decided she wanted to make her debut too (also 3 weeks early...19 days to be exact...Sawyer was 19 days early too) and we were proven oh so wrong.  Harper doubled the love in our house.

It was definitely an adjustment, but we figured it out.  It took a good month or two to get things down, but once we did everything was perfect.  Well, it still is perfect.  So blessed.

And these days we are some of the happiest folks on the block.  I never want to wake up from this dream because it is oh so good.

I am in love.  

Anddddd...while I was looking at old pictures on our family Shutterfly site, I came across this one of Sawyer when she was 8 months...and it reminded me of a recent picture of another little 8 month old I know.  Not identical, but there are some seriously strong resemblances.  Ya?

Now I am going to go cry myself to sleep with happy tears.  I get all sappy late at night.  
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