Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Frozen from the Waist Down | Visit to Bear Lake

Last week we went up to Bear Lake (St. Charles, ID) to spend time with family and to play in the snow.  Sawyer keeps saying that we need to go back to the Idaho House, I think she had fun.  When we were driving up there from Utah we were concerned with the lack of snow, but we got super duper lucky and got snowy days, and sunny days, and plenty of powder to play in.  It was perfect.

I had envisioned Harper playing in the snow with us more, but since she was still sick and recovering she spent most of her time indoors with Grandma.  Harper was happiest that way...

Marc didn't want to take his cap thing off of his head for the picture, so the result is this...Marc looking kind of dopey :)

Marc and I got to spend lots of time together.  That was probably the best part...Marc being home from work and just playing.  We don't get to play enough as adults...we need to do something to change that.  

While I was trying to take this picture...

Marc was busy making a snow angel.  

It was fun coming inside and warming up and hanging out with the cousins.  Sawyer loved having all of her "great friends" around.  I loved having them around too.

Harper for the most part slept. Doesn't she look sad in this picture?  Poor baby.

Sawyer got some serious head gear on for some serious snowmobiling and sledding.  She looked like a turtle with that red cap on.

This was right before the "for the glory" moment.  They were all still friends at this point :)  That is our oldest niece Matisse and Marc's sister Mauri.  And duh, that is Marc.   

This was during Harper's 10 minutes of snow time...she was having so much fun.  Can't you tell? :)

Thanks Grandma & Grandpa for letting us come to visit :)

We took Sawyer for a ride on the snowmobile.  She fell asleep.  Twice.  She fell asleep last winter on the snowmobile must be really relaxing for her.

Sawyer enjoyed sledding with Emilia.  She was wearing Marc's glasses to keep the snow out of her eyes.  Aubrie got to drive the snowmobile for the first time.

We went for a ride up the canyon with Neil.  I wanted to take a picture of Marc and his know, a normal picture.  Marc had other plans.  He made a face in the snow and wanted to hide underneath it and pretend that it was his head.  His plans didn't work out...that big old ball of snow fell on his head.  Hilarious.  (and he wasn't hurt)

Me and my ladies.  Pink Ladies, apparently.

Sawyer was watching her cousins sledding and she was laughing.  She is so fun.

Our girls are so lucky to have so many awesome people to call their friends...and their family.

By night time we were all exhausted from running around outside.  I haven't slept that hard in a long time.  Sawyer slept with Grandma & Grandpa most nights.

Marc was so anxious to drive our Yukon in the snow.  He got his chance.  I was terrified.  This is driving through Logan was so so beautiful.  

And while driving home Sawyer wanted to remind us...that we have a friend in her :)

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