Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hakuna Matata

Last week we took a road trip to visit family and to go play in the snow in Idaho.  Our first stop was Las Vegas.  I am usually not much of a Vegas fan (at all) but Marc and his dad were golfing and then I had plans to go see the Lion King.  The Lion King has been my favorite Disney movie forever and I am obsessed with the soundtrack (unfortunately for those around me, I like to sing along).  Me, Marc's mom, and the girls wandered around the strip while the boys golfed, and then in the evening the grandparents stayed with Sawyer & Harper and Marc & I got to go to the show.  The Lion King was amazing, I may have even had a tear or two when they did the opening "Circle of Life". So so wonderful. 

Sawyer was recovering from being sick and Harper was on the brink of an ear infection, so both of the girls were really mellow the whole time.  

I didn't really take any pictures.  I know, that is sort of unbelievable.

Checking out the town...

Harper was so impressed she fell sound asleep.  We forgot to bring a stroller so we stopped at Babies r Us and got Harper this new ride.  I was worried she was going to hate it, but really, I think she kind of likes it.

Harper is sketched out by hotel comforters too, she asked if she could sit on a blanket instead of directly on the bed :)

We were taking a time out before heading to dinner.

Me and my babe in our room at Mandalay Bay.  We had a great view of the roof :)

This was a fun start to a fun week...minus the part where we had to take Harper to the walk-in clinic to get some drugs because she had a 104 fever.  

We have such a great family.  I feel so lucky.
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