Friday, February 11, 2011

Little Harper Ray of Light

It has been kind of a long week.  It started when I stayed up way too late last Sunday.  I was greeted early Monday morning by a kid that didn't feel well (Sawyer).  The week has been full of boogers, snotty noses, tears, cranky pants, fevers, coughs, a little vomit, concern, frustration, sleepless nights and not a whole lot of fun.  Sawyer is finally on the mend and apparently that means it is time for her to be extra bossy and ornery. We are hoping today was the worst of it and tomorrow she will wake up like her regular old self ready to go see Grandma & Grandpa and go play in the snow.  Her medicine certainly seems to be helping, so that is reassuring.

Through this whole week Harper has been a little ray of light.  She has been so sweet, easy going, smiley, extra lovie and well, pretty much perfect.  I am so glad she has been so mellow, I would have lost my mind if both of my kids were being high-maintenance.  

I can't believe how big Harper is getting...she is right on her way to turning 9 months old.  9 months?! That is ancient.  Today she showed some signs of trying to crawl.  My kids are kind of late bloomers, Sawyer didn't crawl until 10 months, I wouldn't be surprised if Harper didn't actually figure the crawling thing out until then either.  I like my late bloomers...makes them feel like little babies just that much longer :) 

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