Tuesday, February 1, 2011

San Clemente Snowman

Ya, I am up late.  I am crazy like that.  I am so crazy I even went out with some friends tonight for dessert.  At 8:00.  That is late people, I am usually in my pajamas by 5:00.  Maybe that is because Harper has been going to bed at 4:00PM?!  Well, not on a regular basis, but a few times now in a row.  4:00?! And she doesn't wake up until 7:00AM.  All I can think is she must be growing, because I swear on my life, I am not sedating her or doing anything weird.  She is just a sleepy little babe.  I honestly think my kids are good sleepers because we are boring.  Even when my mom comes into town and stays at our house she is ready for bed early too.  Serious.  We give off some weird sleep vibe. Or like I said, we are just boring :)

Before I forget I have to share this line from Sawyer today.  Well, my mom and Marc's mom are probably the two people that would appreciate it most.  So, both Marc and I grew up in houses where we weren't allowed to wear our shoes inside.  We don't wear our shoes in our house now either, but when Marc comes up from work he comes in with his work shoes on, takes them off, and carries them upstairs and keeps them in our closet.  Long story short, or short story long, Sawyer saw Marc walk in with his shoes on today and she says "Don't wear your shoes inside sweetheart, that'd be yucky"...BAHAHA...she is amazing.  So amazing, I came downstairs this morning after taking a shower to see what Sawyer was doing.  I found her like this, and she was stuffing wet wipes into a water bottle.  I later found that water bottle cooling off in our fridge.  

Last week I was in a funk...this week is starting off on a better foot.

In Sawyer's Christmas stocking she got a can of "Instant Snow".  Sounds interesting, right?  Today we decided to make some snow in our kitchen...thought it would make us feel closer to our family back east ;)

This stuff was weird...it wasn't snow, although it looked cool.  I am pretty sure it is the same gel stuff that is inside diapers.  You know when you let a kid wear a regular diaper into the pool and it gets ginormous and weird and white powder gel stuff falls out of it...that my friends...is pretty much exactly what this stuff was.

Sawyer kept saying that it felt cold.  I think she really wanted it to be like real snow.  She was having fun.

And now...I present to you a San Clemente Snowman...

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