Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Sawyer went to bed with a 102 fever.  She was acting more sensitive than normal today and I knew she was tired, so I assumed the tears were due to exhaustion, not sickness.  When Marc got home from work he was holding Sawyer on the couch and he told me that he thought she was sick.  I said no and went on my way.  When we were putting Sawyer to bed tonight I noticed her eyes were all glassy and watery.  I took her temp and sure enough she was running a fever.  Poor thing.  Hopefully she wakes up all better tomorrow.  Although, it was kind of nice when she fell asleep on the couch today...

I am pretty sure she has grown and changed a lot in the last week or so.  She seems so much older to me.  I stare at her face every morning because it always seems like it changes overnight,  getting less babyish and more little girlish.  I always want to remember her baby face.

We spent the day running errands.  Sawyer got some new Crayons at Target (along with some new lipgloss) and she was pretty excited about them.  

This is right after Harper woke up from her nap.  She still has one little tear in her eye.   She is my little doll.  I could eat her up - one of the sweetest little things I have ever come across in my whole life.  

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