Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sunglasses & Snowsuits

Not a whole lot going on around here.  And I am tired and just waiting for Marc to get home from the Lakers game, so this is probably going to be a lot of nonsense and nothing is in order. 

Harper thought Sawyer's pink sunglasses were so rad that she wanted to try them on herself.

They were kind of a fail.  But Sawyer still thinks Harper is pretty cool nonetheless.

We are gearing up to freeze our rear's off in Idaho in a couple of weeks.  I got some new snow boots (they are literally made for the Antarctic...totally ugly...but hopefully I will avoid cold toes) and the girls have some fun snow clothes.  Sawyer loves her snow clothes, especially her snow boots, she talks about them a lot.

(Please excuse Sawyer's face, I believe she has some leftover tomato soup on her upper lip.)

Harper isn't as thrilled about looking like a marshmallow, but it makes me happy seeing her in all of her puffy glory.

Harper was a grouch the other day, it really doesn't happen all that often.  This picture doesn't portray it...but she really was sort of a stinker.

And Sawyer was a gem and took a nice long nap (which is sort of a rarity these days).  This is post-nap...having a little yogurt snack.

Sometimes I think the morning routine gets a little old. Diaper changes, bottle feedings, figure out what to feed Sawyer (because one day she will love something and the next day hate it), wake know, the usual stuff.  And although the routine can get a little redundant, I never get sick of seeing this...

I need to figure out a way to keep my kids little forever.  I really don't want them to grow up.  I want them to stay at home and bug me and want to sleep in my bed for the rest of my life.

Our little project doer got a new splat mat that her Tutu (my mom) made and worked on a little stamping.  Notice the material?  It matches our blog header :)

And we are working on changing some things up in our house.  We got some new pillows, that is always fun.

And we have a new candle burning.  It is kind of a funny time of year...after the holidays but still not springy/summer scent time either.  This one is a winner though.

And as if this blog post isn't random enough...I thought I would throw in a picture of one of our Valentine's decorations.  I was so pumped for Valentine's Day and excited about little gifts for the kids (and Marc) but now I already gave everyone everything and I have nada.  I need to stop shopping in advance, it really doesn't work in my favor.

Next time my thoughts will be more coherent and my pictures more relevant.  But for now, that will have to do :)

Have I ever mentioned that I really like my life?  If I already have, sorry, just thought I would say it again.


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