Friday, March 25, 2011

Babies in Buckets

One of the best things in my life is having my sister live close by.  When I was in college she moved out to Minnesota to go to law school, and I really thought she was never going to come back.  My parents also moved to Virginia right around the same time (and Marc decided to take an internship in North Carolina and Marc's parents decided to move to Utah...I got totally ditched)...I was pretty sad.  Then, my sister and her husband moved back to Orange County...and not just to Orange County...but into the same apartment complex as Marc & I.  We may have all gotten a little sick of each other from time to time (and it is ok Bryt and Gabe if you still do on occasion), but I wouldn't trade having her close by for anything, it is pretty great.  We now live about 20 minutes away, but it is better than living hundreds of miles apart.  It is even greater that Harper and Mazie are only 5 weeks apart.  We couldn't plan that if we tried.  

Have I ever mentioned that I love me family?  The whole big crazy bunch of them.  

Today I planned on staying inside and watching the rain out the window.  And then the sun started to shine...and then Bryt called and said she and Mazie were coming over...and then my day ended up being perfect.  It is such a treat to get to hang out with some of my most favorite girls in the world.

Sawyer got out some buckets (I seem to keep accumulating them) and she wanted the babies to sit in them.  Sawyer decided she wanted to sit in one too.

Mazie & Harper are like perfect opposites.  It is funny how different they are.  I predict Sawyer & Mazie will have their fair share of fights in the future, they both seem to be wearing some bossy pants.  I so look forward to watching these girls grow up together.

Harps loves the wagon.  Mazie thought it was some kind of baby prison, she wasn't happy until we busted out the graham crackers (and fed her an endless supply of them).

At least the crappy rainy weather brings out some pretty flowers. And I love how Sawyer and Harper have sweet little moments together.  Even though Sawyer has had several challenging moments recently, she is still a great big sister.  

Bryt & Mazie...come play with us again soon.  We love you!

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