Monday, March 21, 2011


Without a doubt I started the day out in a total funk.  Everything was bothering me, nothing was right, and my brain just had a stream of annoying narrations that wouldn't stop (not in a psychotic kind of way, but more in a negative thoughts kind of way).  I don't know why I was feeling so blue, but it was driving me nuts.  Maybe it was the weather, I am not sure, but around noon after the rain stopped and the sun started shining, ta-da, I felt much better :)

We also got our mail around noon.  Often times our mail is really boring...bills, solicitations, you know, the stuff you don't really want to get.  But today, Sawyer was excited because she got a little love note from her Aunt B.  

And this quilt I had ordered awhile back finally came.  I actually wasn't expecting it so soon, so it was a fun surprise.  I know, I know, I need to learn how to make them myself...I am enlisting a friend to teach me how to sew.  Right Sheri?

I got the quilt for an extra blanket for in the family room.  We are blanket people.

After Harps went down for her afternoon nap Sawyer helped me with some chores.  I wonder when she won't want to help anymore - sometimes it actually really comes in handy.  

We were all happy & surprised when Marc showed up at home  an hour and a half earlier than he normally does from work.  He had to take some work calls, but that was ok, it was nice just seeing his face for a couple extra hours today.  

And to put a cherry on top of my not-so-bad day, we got to go eat BJ's pizza at my sister's, play with cousin Mazie, and see my dad who is in town for work.  The kids were all happy and had so much fun playing and it is always neat when we get to see Bubba.  It is so nice having family close by.  

Oh, I guess my life isn't so bad after all.

(Family, I promise to try and update Shutterfly soon.  Bryt, I am sure there are a load of pictures you are waiting for...and Mom too.)
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