Monday, March 14, 2011

Eskimo Kisses, Milkshakes, Flowers and a Little Family Time

Oh I how I love the weekends.  Why do they have to pass by so fast?  I had photo shoots this weekend, but we still made the most of our days.  It was fun.

We started the weekend off on the right foot.  Both Thursday and Friday were good days...having a happy end to the week makes the weekend just that much happier.

We love Eskimo kisses around here.

Sawyer helped me do a little cleaning while Harper took a nap.  Vacuuming is my favorite chore, it seems to be Sawyer's favorite too.

After cleaning up Sawyer swore that she was not tired.  I beg to differ.

After we rested a bit we treated ourselves to lunch outside.  It feels so good to be able to spend so much time out in the fresh air (or smoggy air, depending on the day...)

On Saturday morning we went to Ruby's in Laguna Beach for breakfast/lunch.  I love love their huevos rancheros.  Harper has a special love for Ruby's even though she has never eaten their water broke when I was pregnant with her at the Ruby's in Laguna Hills.  There is a little fun fact for ya.

Sawyer tried out the new fruity pebble shake.  Harper spent a lot of time dropping her toys on the floor to see how many strangers would walk by and pick them up for her.

Too bad this one is out of focus...

After we got home I left the fam to go do my shoot.  Everyone was happy and busy playing.  I am pretty sure I wasn't missed, but that is ok.

Saturday night we hung out at home and some friends came over.  It is so nice to have friends that you can literally do nothing with and still have a lot of fun.  If you call eating two large pizzas something than I guess we didn't do nothing...

On Sunday we decided to go walk around the harbor in Dana Point.  For some reason we decided to drive passed the harbor and we ended up at this nature trail.  I had heard about it, but never been to it.  It was a fun little walk and the views were amazing.  It is official, I have to have one of those houses at Strands...there are empty lots just sitting there and calling my name.  Marc?

Sawyer was really hoping to see some whales at the (beach not the "really heavy ones"...just the "little ones") and she was a little disappointed I think since she didn't have such luck, but the yellow flowers made up for it.

Some nice gent offered to take our picture.  A little while back I got a new camera.  I loooooove my "work camera" but I don't like dropping it in my purse all of the time and beating it up but my little point & shoot just doesn't always do it for me.  So I got this bad boy.  It is great because if, for example, a stranger asks to take our picture, I just have them shoot on one of the automatic settings and call it a day.  It can be such a production if you are shooting in manual and you ask a stranger (or your husband) who has no clue how to use your camera to take a picture.  

Harps pooped soon after this picture and she was pretty much over our walk at that point.  

Sometimes it is good just to stop and smell the flowers (funny I say that since I just mentioned poop)...

My favorite monsters...all three of them, really ;)

Pretty good view, eh?  I like this place we get to call home.

I like my home...but I realllllly like my kids.  

Now the countdown for next weekend begins.   

And this is a video of Sawyer & her friend Zeke running around after their art class last week.  It is so fun watching your kids have fun.

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