Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

I was feeling guilty today.  I got to go sit at the nice quiet beach and enjoy some warm sunshine and good company while Marc was working his rear off.  Sorry babe.  Yesterday I felt the sunshine in my bones, today I wanted to feel it on my skin.  Me and the girls headed to the beach after Harper woke up from her nap.  We only stayed a couple of hours and it was so perfect.  There were about 10 other people (total) at the beach and the girls were happy (always a plus)and I really don't mind 75 degree weather in March.

Bikinis on babies aren't usually my thing...but these girls in their swimsuits made me smile...especially Harper's frilly triangle top :)

Harper is like my little doll.  I will be sad when she can move around, because for now, she just sits where I put her and looks cute and I can admire her without her trying to crawl away.  

I attempted to take a picture of me with the girls.  I will work on that skill. 

I enjoyed my view...

Sawyer went to the beach for the first time ever without wearing a diaper under her swimsuit.  She ended up peeing all over my beach chair and as she carried her bucket around looking for treasures on the beach I noticed "water" dripping down her legs.  Proper potty training isn't really our thing...maybe it should be :)

Today I realized how much our kids have changed since last summer...and it isn't even summer yet!  Last August when we were in Hawaii Harper stayed in a car seat at the beach so that we didn't have to lay her in the sand (since she couldn't sit up on her own).

Harps was sampling the sand...

Because I took a picture of Harper, Sawyer wanted me to take one of her too.  I did.  Happily.

I feel so lucky to get to spend my days with these two little lovelies.  

The only thing that could have been better today is if Marc could have been with us too.  Next time :)

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