Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter in St. George on Video

Here is what our trip to St. George not only looked like, but this is what it sounded like too.  Just some random video clips that I thought were cute :)

Whoops...Another Day at Home

I am kind of a dummy sometimes, and today I thought I was getting on a plane to head to Virginia but as it turns out, my ticket is actually for today was another day at home.

It was actually a little nice to have a bonus day at home (although I am anxious to see my parents) because I got to get things done that I didn't think I was going to have time to do before I left.  It was a perfect day for the beach or the pool, but the girls' schedules were all goofy so we just stayed home and played instead.

I washed everyone's bedding and got caught up on every last little bit of laundry.  That feels so good.

Harper was kind of grumpy today, it is probably good that we weren't traveling, although I am not sure she will be much different tomorrow ;)  Harper is finally realizing that she is missing out on a lot due to the fact that she can't move.  She is working hard to figure out that crawling business, but she is finding it to be kind of challenging.  Poor girl.

Harps is also drooling like a bulldog and I am pretty sure she has more teeth coming in.  When it rains it pours. 

Out of curiosity I looked to see what Sawyer looked like when she was 333 days old like Harper is, this is what I found...

Since you can't really see her face I also pulled up her picture from day 336.  I think it is funny that both girls have pretty much the exact same amount of hair and same color hair.

Sawyer was jealous I wasn't taking pictures of her, so she showed me that she knows how to crawl (or she says) too.  Sawyer picked out her own outfit today.  She is getting more adamant about what she wants to wear.  

Harper is feeling more curious these days and is even finding little ways to get into trouble.

And someone decided they weren't much in the mood for sharing.

Marc pretty much fell asleep right when he got home from work (so much for hanging out together the night before me and the girls leave) so after I put Harps down Sawyer and I went outside to play.  

I am dying over this picture...

And then me and the Bean ended our evening together in the backyard with a popsicle.

It is so fun having cute girls to spend the day at home with.  I have actually been making a conscious effort to not leave the house as much since gas prices are absolutely ridiculous and with moderate driving it already costs me about $100 a week to fill my car. 

Here is a little video of Harps wanting to crawl...

And videos of Sawyer dancing are always entertaining so here is another one of those.  I love her slow hip shake move she has going on (around 1:40 is my favorite part).  Oh, and those princess high heels, ya, those are her "dancing shoes".

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Little Bit Cute

I don't know about you, but I can't help but think that these two girls are both a little bit cute.

I am one proud Mama :)

Easter Weekend in Utah

Last Thursday we traveled to St. George so that we could spend Easter with all of Marc's side of the family.  The girls were so excited to see Grandma & Grandpa and all of the cousins.  Sawyer was anxious to get on an airplane too...she must not be Marc's child because she gets excited about flying, although she constantly thinks the plane is falling out of he sky and insists someone (her dad) holds her hand.  

We flew to Las Vegas and drove to Utah from there.  The girls were great on the plane (going both directions) and it gives me hope that flying alone with them (tomorrow!) won't be so bad.  Please say a little prayer for me.

I am glad Grandma had Easter egg dye because I totally forgot to do that with Sawyer at home.  She had fun and started double fisting the eggs...she just couldn't dye them fast enough.  Matisse was Sawyer's helper.  We love having Matisse around.

The kids were in the pool all weekend.  Harps only went in the pool once, she seemed happier outside of the water.  So instead of swimming she was our lifeguard.  Wouldn't you feel safe? 

Grandma caught a lizard.  Apparently this is what people like to do these days?  I am grossed out by those little critters, but the kids thought it was pretty swell.

I am pretty sure I am one of the only ones that did any relaxing since there were 12 kids running around, but it was pretty nice.

We couldn't keep Sawyer out of the pool.  She wanted to strip down and get in the water whenever she could.

The water was heated to a perfect 92 degrees.  That is how I like to swim.

Matisse and Harper stayed out of the pool madness, and Sawyer got right up in there.  Sawyer is turning into a fish.

Marc is so good with Sawyer in the pool.  I am glad Sawyer has him because I don't think I am nearly as fun.

Hopefully she will be pool safe soon and not need a life vest.

The kids decorated Easter cookies.  They did all kinds of fun things including a water balloon fight.  I didn't really get any pictures of that though because I was hiding in a corner fearing for my life.  

I don't know how we decided this was a good idea, but Sawyer likes to be tossed in the water.  In the 2nd picture you can see her totally smiling.  I love it.

We took a little pool break and went and saw Rio in 3D.  It was really cute.  And everyone seemed to like their glasses...

Sawyer hates dogs.  Harper seems to like them, or at least she liked Hurley.  Here she is with her Aunt Mauri & Uncle Damon & Matisse.  

When everyone went to the movies Harper stayed at home with Grandma and helped her with a few things and then took a nap.  

Another thing that surprised me this trip was that Sawyer was willing to go down the water slide all by herself, and she even liked it.  Who is this child?

On Easter morning there was a kids' egg hunt and an adult egg hunt.  The kids look for candy and the adults hunt for money.  Which egg hunt would you rather be apart of?  Since Sawyer doesn't know the difference, she liked searching for candy :)

The adult hunt gets rather competitive.  I was sweating the night before thinking about it.  Marc kind of stunk it up (he did last year too...he really needs to pick up his game) I scored a golden egg (go me!) but Marc's sister Jacki rocked us all and found 3 golden eggs.  And yes, this was the first time I had ever experienced multiple golden eggs in one hunt.  Stakes were high this year.

Sawyer flew her first kite...while sitting in the spa.  

My friend called Harper a "Happy Head"...I like that.  It is a good way to describe her.  Oh Harper Ray makes me smile.  

Matisse is the oldest grandchild and Harper is the youngest.  Aren't they cute?  We are lucky to have so many great people in our family.

Sawyer was nervous about the Easter Bunny coming to Grandma's house after seeing him at the Mission Viejo Mall, but she was pleasantly surprised that she didn't have to see him, and yet he still left behind a little surprise for her.  Harper liked her loot too.  

Before going to Easter brunch we tried to take a picture of everyone together all dressed up.  Grandpa got lots of pictures on his camera, I will have t steal some from him later.  Can you believe that there are 11 girls and only 1 boy?!  Every time I think about it I can't believe how crazy that is.  There are girls everywhere!

Grandma & grandpa and their 12 grandchildren.  Isn't it crazy how families multiply?

This was Harper on our way home from brunch.  Her tummy was satisfied.  

This was our first Easter as a family of four, and I am so happy we had Harper here with us to celebrate this year.  Every year seems to get better and better, I love this life.

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!! :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Easter Bunny

We saw the Easter Bunny today.  Sawyer was so excited.  Until we got there.  And she saw the bunny.  And then she started to cry and she said "I don't like that one!"  I made my kids take a picture regardless of how fearful they were of the creepy human dressed up in the dirty bunny outfit...I unfortunately had to be in the picture too.  I love these memories (and this mild form of torture).

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lion King Brainwash

If you haven't heard, I have been obsessed with The Lion King for a very long time.  I especially like "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" and "Hakuna Matata".  I can now proudly say that we have successfully brainwashed Sawyer into thinking that The Lion King is her favorite too, and I love it :)

Tonight I am up doing work so Marc and Sawyer decided to have a slumber party since I basically won't be going to bed until Marc leaves for work.  We had a little sing-a-long before na-night.  And excuse the creepy flashlight red-eye situation going on...apparently that is the "flash" from the iPhone.

I really enjoy the part where the song says "Can you feel the love tonight" and Sawyer has a delayed response of "Ok..." 

And although Harper missed out on the singing I won't leave her out of this blog post.  Here is my little lovely earlier this morning.  

Monday, April 18, 2011

Splashing in the Sunshine

This weekend was so much fun!  Friday night we had a sitter and Marc and I got to escape and go out to dinner with our good convo is so nice every now and then.  Saturday Marc played with the girls while I shot a wedding, and then on Sunday we got to spend time with my sister's family in the pool and in the sunshine.  It is hard to imagine yesterday's hot temps since today is gray and cold and rainy!  Seriously, what is this weather?  I am so tired today and it is solely because the weather sucks.  Grrr.  I was spoiled and had the sitter come again today so I could run to the mall by myself.  Why is that so heavenly?

I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to all of the fun memories I (we) plan on making this summer, especially with family.  It is so nice having my sister and her family living close by so that our kids can play and we can hang out.  Last summer was a little more challenging with each of us having a newborn, but this year I plan on lots of playtime and fun time.  

Harps got pretty wet in the splash pad.  It freaked her out a little bit, but she was a sport. 

Mazie loves the splash pad so much she even likes drinking the water.  I don't know how I didn't get a picture of was pretty classic.

We are going to be in Utah for Mazie's first birthday (she is turning 1 this week!!!) so we brought her birthday present to the pool.  Sawyer likes to help people open their presents.  

For our anniversary last December Marc got me a waterproof camera.  We had used it in the snow but hadn't really given it a good water trial.  It totally works fun is that?  The pictures aren't the highest of quality, but it is still pretty rad.

Sawyer has way more fun in the pool with her dad than she does with me.  If I was her I would think that Dad was way more fun too.

Sawyer likes jumping in.  My camera is a little slow so it is hard to catch action shots ;)  But you get the idea.

The Dimicks in the pool (there is a water spot over Harper's face).

Harper's legs :)

Sawyer was having fun chatting with her Uncle Gabe.  At times it almost even seemed like she was flirting with him.  A little weird.  A lot funny.

Harp's tried on Sawyer glasses.

My little mellow lady's bottom left tooth has broken through the gums (you can't really see it, but you can feel it) and she is now trying to figure out how to move.  She scoots on her bum a little bit, but I think she is getting ready to crawl.

Mazie and Harper got in some bonding time and Mazie tried to feed Harps a dirty puff off of the ground.  Harper didn't go for it.

The Willhites! Love them :)

Mazie Moo started to get really tired (she missed her morning nap).

She slept for like 20 minutes in her stroller.  Not bad.

As we were getting ready to leave Sawyer got chapped that we weren't going to Bryt & Gabe's house.  We had to get going because I had a photo shoot.  

Harper was exhausted.  She was so hard to wake up.  I put laundry away in her room, cleaned up toys, and she didn't wake up until I physically lifted her out of her bed (I needed to wake her up to have dinner).

I love it when we have weekends that remind me of how lucky we really are.  We live in a great place, have great family, and I love the people I get to spend my life with.  Nothing can ever top that.  
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