Saturday, April 2, 2011


Kids seem to put everything into perspective.  Kids keep you grounded and remind you of what is important in life.  After having kids I think you appreciate your own parents even more than you did before, because you suddenly can relate to their feelings and concerns and how much love they really have for you.  Kids not only remind you of how much you appreciate your own parents, but they remind you how much you appreciate your in-laws too.  I am lucky enough to have in-laws that I love, and I love watching my kids interact with them.  

Sawyer was reluctant to read a story with Grandpa because she thought she would have to go to bed afterwards.

Harper was happy hanging out in her grandparent's backyard.

Sawyer & Grandma were playing with bubbles.  Sawyer loves bubbles.

Harper thought Grandpa's hat was pretty nifty.

Our girls are so lucky to have such great people in their lives.

After breakfast this morning we took a walk down by Tablerock.  It was kind of frigid and gray, but it was still pretty.

Marc and his dad are so much alike, I don't even know if they realize it.

Grandma & Grandpa come back to see us again soon...we like having you here!

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