Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dance Party

Saturdays are pretty crazy over here at the Dimick's.  Our little bonitas chicas know how to have a partayyy.

Harper rested up ALL day for her dance performance tonight.  She took a 4 1/2 hour nap! And then she went down for a 2nd nap after that.  It was insane.  Almost even a little boring.

Sawyer's dance preparation included MASTERING THE POTTY!!! YAAAA! I think she realized she would be more limber and move more gracefully without a bulky bogie (diaper) getting in her way. 

After the sun set, and the pizza was ordered, the party began.  My girls know how to move (because their mom is da bomb dancer, obviously) :)  

We like to watch "live music" on TV.  Concerts, award shows, those sorts of things.  Maybe this somehow fulfills our lack of concert going...we have not been to one concert since Sawyer was born.  Sad.  Sawyer has the hots for Carrie Underwood and thinks cowboy hats are cool (and maybe she has the hots for them too?), so country music is where it is at.  Plus, country is my personal favorite too.  

Please excuse the poor video quality...these were taken with my iPhone.

Don't you want to party with the Dimicks?  I know you do :)

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