Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dear Weekend

Dear Weekend, 

I love you.  Please don't leave me.

brynn (and the rest of the family too)

When I got home from a photo shoot Sawyer brought a chair out, and her hat and wanted me to take a picture of her.  With her stained clothes and all.  So I said why not? I know I love this spot for pictures (out in front of our house) and next time I will wash the dirt off of her face and let Harps join in the fun too.

Our failed family attempt at a "photobooth" picture.

My heart is pitter pattering for weekends, and summer, lots of sunshine and excessive amounts of family bonding.    

I think one of the reasons I like summer so much (besides for the beach days and warm weather) is because it reminds me of hanging out with this guy doing absolutely nothing, wasting lots of time, and getting really tan back in the good old days.  

(July 2006...a few days after we got engaged)

Bring on the lazy days and hot weather...I am ready! :)
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