Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Honey Bee

Today was a good day.  For no reason at all.  We didn't do anything, we never left the house, we spent the morning cleaning and the afternoon cooking.  Harper napped significantly less than she has the last several days and Sawyer followed me around like she was my little duckling.  But maybe that is why it was a good day, because I had my girls by my side.  Or maybe it was a good day because Sawyer was successfully trained to scratch/tickle my back.  Sawyer also discovered that she likes her back tickled...we took back tickling/scratching turns while watching Bethenny Ever After. Quality television, it was a perfect morning.

Some days I just wake up feeling lucky.  And happy.  I liked those days.  

My treadmill and I are having relations again, that is a plus.  Something about working out makes you feel good.  They say it has something to do with endorphins?  I think they might be right.

It is also fabulous that Sawyer is potty trained, I am still ecstatic and in disbelief.  Marc says it is way worse now that we have to wipe her rear after she uses the toilet...seems way grosser to him...I don't really mind all that much, but I see where he is coming from.

For some reason in the evenings Harper gets hyper, and Sawyer gets hyper, and they have this completely manic playtime where the both scream and laugh and Harper kicks her legs and flails her arms and Sawyer jumps up and down.  I really don't get it, but I love it.  I watch them with this ginormous smile spread across my face.  It tickles me.

I didn't spend any money today, I feel like that is a point worth mentioning.  Marc, you might like that.

One of my favorite things is watching my girls play together.   Those are the moments that make it all worth while.

Harper is finally learning to hold her own bottle, that is exciting.

Harper is also getting more curious about the world around her.  It is pretty cute to watch.

After Marc ran, he and Sawyer enjoyed some sunshine in our backyard.  I took this picture through the window screen.

And then of course I took pictures of the girls in my new favorite spot.  You can expect more pictures here and the girls will be dressed for the occasion.  It is like the angels are blowing kisses down from heaven during this time of day, I cannot get enough.  The golden sunlight  makes me smile from the inside out. It makes me feel happy, like the butterflies in my tummy kind of happy.  Marc came outside and was just getting into getting the girls to smile in the right direction, and then he tried to pull out a weed and it sliced his finger (surprisingly bad!) so we ended up going inside to administer a little First Aid.

Yes, Harper can kind of hold herself up if we stand her next to something, but not very well.  At least she tries now though ;)

Then tonight while I was tucking Sawyer in I had this thought that left a tear on my cheek. While I was singing to Sawyer she had her arms wrapped tightly around my neck and our cheeks were smooshed together.  I love how simple everything is.  I wish that would never change.  I dread the day my kids think I am weird and don't want to cuddle and love with me.  I love that Sawyer is my copycat and that Harper gets SO excited to see Marc. I wish everything could always be this simple :)

And I love that no matter what the one thing that won't ever change is that Marc is the father of my children.  What could be better?

You be my sunny day
I’ll be your shade tree
You be my honeysuckle
I’ll be your honey bee
- Blake Shelton

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