Thursday, April 14, 2011

Park Days Are Good Days

We don't go to the park as often as we should.  Sawyer loves the park, and I always feel good about the fact that she is running around and burning energy and getting exercise and fresh air and all of that jazz.  Since Harps doesn't really move yet I don't know how beneficial the park is for her, but I am sure just being outside has to be good for her soul.  

Today we picked up some lunch and then met up with Sawyer's appointed best friend, Ellie, and let the girls run around like wild banshees. We were there for two hours - it was quite fab.  Harper stayed by the moms and munched crackers, and enjoyed an occasional hug or two from her big sister and friend.  

One problem with being potty trained is that you can't pee your pants whenever you feel like it...this is problematic when there are no restrooms at the park.  Sawyer ended up peeing behind a tree like a dog.  So classy.

Little Crumb Face looks a little confused :)She is sooooo good.  Such a little buddy.

I love this one...


And for the record, the girls in their patriotic attire was not planned, it just kind of happened that way.  
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