Friday, April 1, 2011


I love this weather! The sun makes me want to spin, and twirl, and smile.  I l.o.v.e it, majorly.  

Marc's parents are in town this week (I think I mentioned that already) so me and the girls have been spending a lot of time with them and over at their house.  Sawyer is even spending the night with them cute.  It is so fun having family around. I have been busy trying to convince all of the grandparents that they need to move back here, we miss them! 

On Wednesday we went down to Laguna Beach.  We planned on playing in the sand and at the playground but as we got closer and closer to the water the thermometer in my car kept dropping and it eventually read 62 degrees F.  That is no-go beach weather in my book.  Instead Sawyer indulged in some ice cream (makes sense), we did some brief shopping, and then grabbed lunch at Nick's.  I wouldn't really say that Nick's is a place for kids, but the girls did great.  And you know how stores often have signs out in front that say "no food or drinks"?  Well, we ignored those signs and let Sawyer walk around with her ice cream.  Inevitably, Sawyer tripped over her sandal and took a face plant with her ice cream cone in hand...smashing her frozen treat into the ground of a shoe store.  We cleaned it up with wet wipes and left promptly.  Whoops.

After lunch we headed back to Grandma & Grandpa's where it was hot and sunny and we played in the backyard and the girls got in a little pool/spa time.

Today, after Sawyer's art class, we went back to the grandparent's.  Sawyer requested a cheeseburger so we headed to In-N-Out.  I am pretty sure Sawyer only had one measly bite of her grilled cheese and claimed that she was full, but Harper enjoyed the ambiance and her new paper hat, and I myself thought my food tasted pretty good.

After lunch I ran a quick errand and left the girls with Grandpa.  When I got home I found Sawyer bossing "Papa" (as she calls him) around.  It was pretty cute.  She had all kinds of snacks out and activities for them to do.  

We spent more time in the water today and I even got in too.  We got Harps a new floaty thing for the water but I didn't get a picture of it.  I am so looking forward to summer days.  

I love my little sunshine babes and their sparkly blue eyes, they make everything (well, almost everything) more fun.

And if you are wondering where Marc is during all of this, he is at work, slaving away.  Poor guy has been working 14 hour days.  He is a trooper though (and he actually doesn't seem to mind) and we love him and appreciate him and think he is the best thing ever.  Here is is with his dad.  He probably doesn't love me posting his "long day of work" picture, but that is alright...I feel like he hasn't made an appearance on the blog in awhile.

I think the weather is supposed to start cooling off again, but I am enjoying this little summer makes me just that much more excited for the upcoming months.

I love where I live.
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