Friday, April 8, 2011

Summer Teaser

It is hard to believe that earlier this week it was warm enough (you might even call it hot) to go to the pool since today was a toasty 55 degrees here in San Clemente with intermittent rains.  Sunshine come back to me, I need you.

We are looking forward to this summer for sure.  The girls are good ages and I think it will be fun.

Sawyer actually played in the water...

And Harper snacked on crackers for two hours :)

Our little friend Miley joined us.

Sawyer made sure not to get sunburned by applying ample amounts of sunscreen.

And Claire searched for Harper's missing teeth.  They have to be in there somewhere, right?

We are so excited for summer days.

Hopefully June Gloom won't start in May and last through December like it did last year.
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