Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Whoops...Another Day at Home

I am kind of a dummy sometimes, and today I thought I was getting on a plane to head to Virginia but as it turns out, my ticket is actually for today was another day at home.

It was actually a little nice to have a bonus day at home (although I am anxious to see my parents) because I got to get things done that I didn't think I was going to have time to do before I left.  It was a perfect day for the beach or the pool, but the girls' schedules were all goofy so we just stayed home and played instead.

I washed everyone's bedding and got caught up on every last little bit of laundry.  That feels so good.

Harper was kind of grumpy today, it is probably good that we weren't traveling, although I am not sure she will be much different tomorrow ;)  Harper is finally realizing that she is missing out on a lot due to the fact that she can't move.  She is working hard to figure out that crawling business, but she is finding it to be kind of challenging.  Poor girl.

Harps is also drooling like a bulldog and I am pretty sure she has more teeth coming in.  When it rains it pours. 

Out of curiosity I looked to see what Sawyer looked like when she was 333 days old like Harper is, this is what I found...

Since you can't really see her face I also pulled up her picture from day 336.  I think it is funny that both girls have pretty much the exact same amount of hair and same color hair.

Sawyer was jealous I wasn't taking pictures of her, so she showed me that she knows how to crawl (or she says) too.  Sawyer picked out her own outfit today.  She is getting more adamant about what she wants to wear.  

Harper is feeling more curious these days and is even finding little ways to get into trouble.

And someone decided they weren't much in the mood for sharing.

Marc pretty much fell asleep right when he got home from work (so much for hanging out together the night before me and the girls leave) so after I put Harps down Sawyer and I went outside to play.  

I am dying over this picture...

And then me and the Bean ended our evening together in the backyard with a popsicle.

It is so fun having cute girls to spend the day at home with.  I have actually been making a conscious effort to not leave the house as much since gas prices are absolutely ridiculous and with moderate driving it already costs me about $100 a week to fill my car. 

Here is a little video of Harps wanting to crawl...

And videos of Sawyer dancing are always entertaining so here is another one of those.  I love her slow hip shake move she has going on (around 1:40 is my favorite part).  Oh, and those princess high heels, ya, those are her "dancing shoes".

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