Monday, May 16, 2011

Come to the Moon (repost...kinda)

So it seems as though my old post "Come to the Moon" is not going to be restored (Blogger deleted it when they had technical issues...most posts on most people's blogs were restored, mine was not.).  Since I know you are very sad about it (clearly I am because I have constantly mentioned it for the last like 5 days now), I decided to repost the pictures (plus some), although I don't think I can really recap what I had written because I simply don't remember.  I know I mentioned some Jimmy Buffett lyrics and of course talked about how much I love my family (which I am sure you are sick of hearing) but I don't think you need me to tell you all of that all over again :)

Sawyer kind of singing "Volcano" in the car on the way home from the pier...


And our little spinner no crawler babe (Marc and I are both confused though because she will move from one place to another and we can never quite figure when or how she moved)...Isn't she sweet?  :)


I think at the end of my disappearing post I had said something about going anywhere and doing anything to be with these favorite people of mine.  (I know, gag, I can be so cheesy...) and I ended it with a quote from a song that I can't see to get out of my head :)

Come to the moon
Half a million miles isn't far to go
You know I need you so <3
- Jimmy Buffett
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