Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Her Choice.

Sawyer likes to pick out her own clothes these days.  She gets her choice while we are at home, but if we go out somewhere, I still like to dictate what she wears.  Sawyer goes through about 6 outfits in one doesn't help that she layers about 3 skirts under one dress.  She has a style all her own.  Maybe she will be the next Betsey Johnson or something.  Or maybe not.

Sawyer: "Mom, is this a cute face?" (She frequently asks this when I am taking her picture and she is "posing")

Me: "Ummmm" (Are you ever supposed to tell your kid that they don't have a cute face?  Probably not.)

We have not left the house much this week so Sawyer has been in charge of her wardrobe.  It drives me a little crazy when she rips everything out of her drawers, but I am still in the stage where I think it is kind of cute.  

I just love my family so much.  They make me feel like I don't need anything else.  Well, usually I have an ever evolving, revolving, never ending list of "wants" but lately I have just been so happy with the people in my life that I have sort of forgotten about all those other things.  

Marc was home early the last two days so we went down to the SC pier and to the park.  Doing stuff like that is the best.  And it makes the kids happy too.  

I have so many pictures to upload and post but I am desperately trying to keep up with my work since I had a couple of nice vacays back to back visiting with family.  

And since I feel guilty when I don't include each kid in every post, here is little Harpsy Poo.  She still lets me dress her, although we usually get in an altercation over headbands and clippies and she usually wins and ends up not wearing a hair accessory (and with her wild mane I really think she needs one).  I think Marc talked to her, he isn't one for hair accessories either.

In case I haven't mentioned it enough already, I really like my family.  They complete me.

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