Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Changed My Mind, My Debut, Sawyer's Debut, and My Dad's Debut Too

This weather blows.  Don't you agree?  It is dreary and gray and depressing.  The sun does pop out every now and then, but not for long enough periods of time.  It is making me tired and lazy and to top it off my throat is scratchy, Harper has a runny nose and cough and Sawyer has a fever (low grade, but still).  Fabulous.  I swear we would all be cured by some warm sunshine...we aren't made for this kind of weather.  But, although we don't feel the best, we have still managed to catch a few cute moments.    

 (her foot is propped up on her toy basket and i am lovin' her little toes)

And since I am feeling complainy (made up word, leave me alone)...

Remember how I was saying the other day that I still thought it was fun that Sawyer liked to pick out her own clothes and change like 10,000 times every single day?  Well I can honestly say I no longer think that that is any fun at all, and I am so entirely tired of putting her clothes away all day long.  I hate to stifle her creativity, but maybe she can find another way to express herself?  

1. A too small shirt that she claimed was a "dress" tucked into her undies accessorized with some nice white tube socks.  A personal fave.

2. 2 too small shirts (I think I better go through her closet...) a pair of light pink bloomers inside out and backwards and a tulle tutu skirt.

3. Gray jeans, a brown striped shirt, and a lavender polka dot scarf (and she insisted on the scarf because my mom wears scarves and she wanted to be like her)

What do you think of her taste?  I think she needs a little work :)  And do not fear, I have never let her go out of the house like this.  I usually let her pick one part of her outfit and then I find things that go with it.  Oh the little fashionista this one is.  Hot mess.

I did get a good laugh out of this though today.  So funny, right?  I was cracking up reading it.  And I have been meaning to mention, I do realize that on my Easter post I had mentioned we were "dying" eggs as opposed to "dyeing" them.  My mistake was noticed but then I was too lazy to change it and then I forgot to make a disclaimer. I hope you got a little chuckle out of it on my behalf.  If you just thought I was an idiot, that is ok too.  Sometimes I am.

I told you in my last post that we got a karaoke machine.  It is a little janky (is this a made up word too or can I just not spell?), but it is also stinkin' awesome.  I captivated some of my audience they are...lucky girls to have front row seats.  That is Harper and her friend Lauren, they are buds.

I don't take myself seriously.  I hope you already figured that out.  Enjoy my little singing debut (or seriously hate is definitely  easy to hate)...

In the 6th grade I was Marta in the Sound of Music.  I sang a couple of solos in front of the whole school...don't you feel a little sorry for de Portola Elementary now knowing that they had to endure that?  I also perform a little dancing number to "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" in the 4th grade talent show.  I am a woman of many skills, I just have yet to perfect those skills.

Sawyer is a much cuter performer and has far better dance moves than I.  She must get them from her dad.

And our cute little Harps still isn't walking.  And she isn't really close either but she does scoot around and occasionally get herself stuck in random places.  I notice when filming I always say "Hi Harps!" and not much else.  A little awkward.


And now finally, my dad's big baseball debut.  My parents never told me the story on this, so I have zero clue as to why my dad threw out the first pitch at the Baltimore Oriole's game, but he did, and here is proof (stolen from my mom's Facebook page).

And also stolen from my mom's Facebook page (my dad in his high school yearbook)...

And just because I don't want to forget, here are some of the cute things that Sawyer has said (and done) lately.

1. When we were at dinner on Friday night with friends Sawyer was asked if she had a boyfriend.  She pointed to Marc and said "He is my boyfriend".  When asked who her best friend was she pointed to me.  Love her.

2. I was so sad the other night because I accidentally closed Sawyer's fingers in her dresser drawer.  As she was crying and I was profusely apologizing and giving her kisses she said "Your kisses are just makin' me happy".  (How sweet is that?)

3. Sawyer calls a hamburger and "hamburglar"...

4. Sawyer likes to sandwich herself in between Marc and I and give us both hugs and say "I love you guys"...I think it makes all 3 of us pretty happy.

Gosh I love my family.  While posting this I actually forgot all about the bad mood that I am in (or, was in) :)  I am going to bed early tonight, that might help the grouchy blues away (and cure my throat).
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