Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm a Quitter

I am so happy.  I finally survived a day without soda.  It is so sad that this is a such a big deal, but ever since I had Harper I have been drinking soda like water.  I am hoping I can survive lots of days without it now, I have been wanting to quit drinking it forever.  I am proud to say that I am a quitter.

Something else that has happened lately is that Harper is growing up, right in front of our very eyes.  It is so odd.  And awesome.   Within the last 24 hours she has started to say "Mom" and "Mama"  (she has been saying "Dada" for a long time now...) and she can give high fives, point to Sawyer (she missed the whole part where I was trying to get her to say "Soy" or "Sawyer" but she picked up on the pointing her out part...if that makes sense) blows kisses, and MOVES.  She doesn't crawl like a normal baby, but she is mobile...and she does get into things, and she can get from point A to point B without much of a struggle.  I have a video but I will post it another day because Blogger won't let me upload for some reason

Tonight was one of those perfect warm sunny evenings.  The kind that make me smile from ear to ear.  The kind of nights that suddenly make everything seem right in the world.  We sat outside and listened to music while Harps took a later afternoon rest.  Marc was home early today...that is always my favorite.  And do I even have to remind you that we are coming up on a 3 day weekend?!  So excited.  And Harper's FIRST BIRTHDAY!  I am giddy.  I am looking forward to spending a day celebrating our baby girl.

And this is what life has been looking like from my iPhone these days...

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