Sunday, May 8, 2011

Somewhere Over Nebraska | Girls' Trip to Virginia

Last week me and the girls headed out east to visit my family in Virginia.  It was my first trip flying alone with two kids, and knowing that I had experienced challenging travel moments when I only had one child, I was pretty nervous for flying alone with two (and it was Sawyer's first flight without diapers).  Our flight out was a red-eye and I had high hopes that the girls would sleep, but I knew I was risking all of us having a sleepless night on a cramped plane with lots of angry passengers. Fortunately for me, as soon as the plane was in the sky both Sawyer & Harper were sound asleep and I was able to catch some zzzz's too (although I think sleeping on a plane totally sucks).  I was so relieved after we landed that our flight was so successful.  Our flight home was also a ginormous success.  I was extra extra nervous about that one.  Our flight was right in the middle of the day (and if you aren't aware, it is about a 5 1/2 hour flight)...right when Harper should be napping (and she is very particular about where she naps) and Sawyer should have lots of energy.  Somehow, I don't know how, Harper not only took one nap, but two naps on the flight, and somewhere over Nebraska Sawyer & I both fell asleep too.  God was good.  Our trip was good too.  Well actually, it was fabulous.

During our first day in Virginia we visited Bull Run to walk around, get some fresh air, and hopefully see some bluebells. The bluebells were less than impressive, but it was still fun and it felt nice to be outside since we had sat in a stinky plane all night long.  Oh ya, the company was kind of nice too ;)  It was fun spending so much time with my parents.

Sawyer and my dad enjoyed each other's company and they liked to sing and "play guitar" to Jimmy Buffett music.  I have video footage of this that I need to post, it is some funny stuff.

One of my favorite things to do when in my parents' neck of the woods is to visit Lucketts, my favorite vintage treasure store.  I managed not to buy anything this trip, but it was fun looking around, and the girls were so great during the entire outing. 

Sawyer enjoys mirrors, and she thought some of the decorated rooms at the store were rather "fancy". 

Harper was spoiled with love and attention.

We had packed our bathing suits with the intention of putting my parents' pool to use, but their pool heater ended up breaking, and it wasn't in working order until the day we left town.  It was ok though, the weather was all over the place...being hot and sunny and 86 one day, and cool and rainy (I think it was in the 50's?) another day.

Sawyer wanted to go to the park so we took her to Cox Farms where she could run around and play.  There were goats there to feed but Sawyer wanted absolutely nothing to do with them.  Have I ever mentioned she is absolutely not an animal lover?  She sure liked the slides though.

I subjected my kids to lots of pictures during the trip...for the most part they are pretty good sports.  But not always.

We had planned on going to the DC zoo one day, and to one of the museums, but instead we headed into the district and ate and shopped.  

It started to rain unexpectedly (well, it was probably expected, I just wasn't prepared) so we spent our afternoon looking for a decent place for me to get a jacket or sweater.  We joked that I could buy an FBI sweatshirt from one of those sidewalk t-shirt stands, but lets face it, that isn't really me.  We found some awful place called Filene's Basement and after looking around for a bit I decided I would rather just freeze.  Then we spotted a Banana Republic and I was thankfully able to get a cozy sweater.  Phew. (And Sawyer had a sweater but didn't want to wear it...she is crazy)

Back at the Ballard abode my mom has more treasures and trinkets and decorative accessories than most individuals.  I took pictures of a lot of her things and I think I will need to dedicate a whole post to Tutu's treasures because she has a whole heck of a lot.For now here are a couple pictures from her backyard, it is so pretty and inviting.  I love all of the green...way greener than the greenest time of year in San Clemente.

Once my dad went back to work and Bryce went back to school, us girls took a trip to Georgetown.  We had lunch and shopped around.  

Have you heard of that show DC Cupcakes on TLC?  Well I wanted to try one of those cupcakes so we made a special stop at Georgetown Cupcakes.  Harper had her first cupcake ever (it was red velvet) and devoured it.  I forget what kind Sawyer had, but she really enjoyed hers as well.  It was the perfect end to our afternoon out.

We had fun spending time back at the house too.  After  couple days in DC I was feeling a little pooped out, so it was nice having a couple of mellow days as well.  Sawyer loves Uncle Bryce.    The age difference between Bryce & Sawyer is the same age difference between Bryce & I (about 11 years) so it is amusing to watch the interaction and for Bryce to be bugged by a little toddler the same way I was bugged way back when ;)  My favorite was when I could hear Sawyer standing outside Bryce's closed bedroom door yelling "Bryce play with me!"  Loved it.

One of the main reasons I went to Virginia was to see my Grams who was spending Mother's Day with my parents.  Our visits overlapped and it was so nice to get the chance to see her (she lives in Indiana) and for the girls to get reacquainted.  

Harps can get really nervous and shy around "new" people, but she took to her Great Grams right away and had fun playing with her.  

I love hanging out and chatting with my parents.  I have said it before and I will say it again...they need to move back here...or at least move across the country kind of blows.

One reason that I don't blame them for not wanting to move back here is the bigger yards and all of the trees.  It is so gorgeous.  The woods behind them is a little bit more attractive than the concrete wall I look out at in my backyard :)  (Well, we have tried to cover the wall with plants...but it is absolutely not the same).

Sawyer enjoyed helping Bubba in the yard.  Refilling the fountains, watering the plants, feeding the birds (oddly, since she hates birds) and just spending some good old quality time with him.

Our trip was great, full of fun memories, lots of laughs, and some of my favorite people.  I am excited to head back out that way again in a couple of months with Marc too and my sister and her family.  Nothing beats spending time with family.  Nothing.

And now it is back to reality, cleaning the house, catching up on my editing, paying bills, and having to make my own dinner (my mom is a good cook...and she loves to do it).  The countdown to July begins...
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