Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Barefoot Blue Jean Night

It is starting to feel like summer, and I love it.

We have been soaking up the sun, playing with friends, enjoying the park, splashing in the water, and looking forward to and enjoying the warm weather months.  Something about waking up to a sunny sky just seems to make everything better.

Last weekend we had a bonfire with my sister's family.  We haven't had one since the babies were born and now I am excited to have many more because it was so enjoyable.  Sawyer attempted to roast her own hot dog, Harper and Mazie taste tested some sand, the adults got to hang out, chat, and the weather could not have been better, really.

Sawyer accidentally face planted in the sand...the sand stuck to her juice mustache and her boogs.  Attractive.

Check out Moo's hands!

Why do little people love little chairs so much?  It is so cute.

Our kids were straight up filthy by the time we left.  Here is a glimpse at our white-trash Sawyer.  And that was my drink...not hers.  Although she may have had a sip?

Something about having a bon fire makes me feel young.  I am 26 and a half now my friends, I am creeping up there.  I still remember bon fires from when I was 16 like yesterday.  They were fun.  They still are fun.  They make me happy.

Besides getting in lots of quality outdoor time not much else is new around here.  Today while I was trying to install Harper's new big girl car seat (I really can't get over the fact that she is already one) I was getting all irritated and Sawyer leaned over my shoulder (I was sitting on the ground trying to fix the straps) and said "Can I give you a hand Mommy?" - it was adorable.  I don't know where she heard that...Handy Manny probably.

Harps in her baby car seat...ready for her new big girl one.  Sort of crazy she has to face backwards until she is two!!

Sawyer has said a lot of cute things lately.  I love listening to her talk, and her "ideas" and questions.  It is amazing how much she has learned, changed, and grown in the past year.  She really enjoyed bowling with Marc a few weekends back, she keeps asking when we are going to go again.

Sawyer - "I almost forgot! I thought we were goin' bowlin'!"
Mommy - "Maybe Daddy will take you tomorrow night after work?"
Sawyer - "You got it Mommy!" (with a big grinner on her face)

Another thing that is funny about Sawyer lately, is that she seems to be really in touch with her emotional/sensitive side.  When watching the movie Tarzan with her the other day, I looked over and she had tears streaming down her face because she was worried about baby Tarzan in the movie and she was basically sobbing when they played the song "You'll Be in my Heart".   Marc was with her one evening and she was listening to music on his iPhone and when Jewel's version of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
came on she started crying.  Marc thought it was maybe because she realized how much better Jewel sings it than me, I like to think it is because she was missing me at bedtime.  I will just believe what I want to believe, thankyouverymuch.

Sawyer loves to talk on the phone...don't be surprised if she gives you a ring...

And Harper is my happy little piglet munchkin.  She doesn't like meat really, but she eats most everything else and seems to enjoy meal times (Sawyer never did...it is so much more pleasant when your kid actually likes to eat!)

My girls are a blessing.  Such a treat.  I couldn't have picked better little girls if I got to pick them out all by myself.  They are sweet, cute, precious, loving, adorable, amazing, magical, and perfect in just about every way (mostly).  Everyday Harper is getting bigger and stronger and I know that someday she too will be running around with her big sister Sawyer.  I love that they are best friends.  It might be by default, but I like to think it is by destiny.  I feel saddened by how quickly the days and time pass by, but I am always excited to see what each new day brings and to rediscover the world with them as they learn and change and find new fascinations.  I love the innocence.  I mostly love being a mom.  Somedays I wouldn't mind a nap though :)

Here is a little proof that sometimes I get distracted from my parenting...usually by the computer.  I try to turn it off when they are awake...but this morning I was struggling...

Sawyer helped herself to a breakfast of marshmallows...

And Harper dug through my purse and helped herself to some grahams...

Tomorrow morning is my second attempt at taking Harper to her one-year well check-up.  It is at 7:45AM..normally I am not even out of bed at that time.  This could be rough.

Goodnight :)

p.s I have been writing wayyyy too much in each post.  I need to work on that.  Who wants to take the time to read all these words?  I don't, and I am the author.
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