Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Living Large | Sawyer's 3rd Birthday

The last month or so I have been super emotional.  No, no, not pregnant.  Just sort of, well, sad, about how fast my little girls are growing.  I have had many private tearful moments and I maybe held back a tear or two during the weekend of Sawyer's birthday.  I worked on Sawyer's birthday, I shot a wedding.  I made the decision awhile back and I knew the wedding was going to be an awesome experience and a job too hard to turn down.  I was excited to shoot it, and it turned out great, I just had a tremendous amount of guilt building up because of it.  I was worried Sawyer would feel less loved or disappointed - turns out she could have cared less.  However, this guilt may have played a role in me sobbing behind my camera as I was photographing the bride and her father dancing..straight up tears pooling in my eyes.  Oh brother.  (Although, I have cried during all but one father/daughter dance.)

Sawyer was lucky to have her grandma and grandpa fly out to spend her birthday weekend with her, and her dad and sister kept her company during the big birthday, June 25th.  We celebrated as a family with a couple of friends on Sunday and presented Sawyer with a new car!  (A few reasons for the swanky ride for her birthday 1.) I always wanted my own set of Power Wheels and never had one 2.) What 3 year old doesn't want to be behind the wheel of a mini Escalade? 3.) I felt like Sawyer needed a rad present to make up for my absence...)

Me and my sweet birthday girl before I headed off to work.  I can't find the words to describe my love for her.

These sisters are my whole world - what on earth did I do before the came along?  Well, their dad kept me company.  He gets some credit for making my life great too.

I wanted to snap a quick family photo.  Harper had other plans.

Sawyer & Marc spent a lot of time swimming.  How fun are these underwater shots Marc took?

I don't really understand how it happened, but Sawyer swam to her dad and then fell asleep on his shoulder.  It might be the cutest thing ever.  The video makes it even cuter (Marc's smile at the end is just too too adorable).

I have a cute husband.  I love him.

Sawyer really wanted a party.  I wasn't planning on doing much but  after Harper's party she wanted the same thing for her own birthday.  I decorated the kitchen and bought her a birthday hat and we had some cupcakes.  The grandparents made an appearance and the girls loved it.  Cousin Mazie was here and Sawyer got to invite a couple friends.  It was small, but it satisfied.  And there is something special about making the birthday girl really happy.  

Of course Sawyer wanted to have her bestie here.  Sawyer & Ellie are the funniest pair.  They love each other, they hate each other, and all they ever do is talk about one another.  I adore their little friendship.

Sawyer has to work on her driving skills (apparently steering is harder than one might suspect?) but she is loving this thing and she is pretty proud of it. 

I am confident that Mazie wants one for her birthday now too...she chased the car around until someone finally gave her a ride (funny enough, Bryt and I both fit in the car and are able to drive it).

Sawyer loves this little cousin of hers.  Mazie seems to love her too.  

I was busy videotaping so I didn't get too many pictures of Sawyer with her birthday hat and cupcake but I am hoping her grandpa did.  For now I am loving this iPhone picture.  Can you believe she is 3?!?!  I can't.

"Little Miss Magic, whatcha gonna be?"

"Little Miss Magic, just can't wait to see..."

And that is my little girl.  Driving off into the distance and Living Large. 

Sawyer, thank you for being mine. 

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