Thursday, July 14, 2011

East Coast Vacation

For the 4th of July we headed to Virginia to be with my family.  My sister and her family flew out with us on a red-eye flight.  All the kids were good on the plane and nothing too embarrassing happened (I always hope & pray that I don't have a kid that cries the whole flight or barfs, or does something really unfortunate).

 Harper & Mazie outside the airport

 Somewhere over DCish area

Harper snoozing on the flight

We were all a little sleepy by the time we finally landed (who actually gets a good night sleep on one of those flights anyways?) but we still managed to have a great day and spend lots of time in the pool.  

Cousin Mazie

 This looks so dramatic.  I was dunking Harper after bouncing her up and down in the water.  She didn't cry.  Success.

 Marc and Sawyer (and Gabe too) swam out in the rain

In fact, we spent most of our trip in the pool enjoying the nice warm pool (Direct quote from Sawyer - "Tutu's pool is like a hot, cozy blanket") and soaking up the sun.  To me, that is what vacation is about.  We did manage to go blueberry picking on the hottest day of the trip and we all dripped with sweat.  The heat was mildly unbearable (well the heat wasn't, just the humidity).  Seriously, every day was filled with so many sweet and perfect memories, it is hard to put it all down on this blog...if I did I would be here all night and I don't think I am up for that right now ;)

Aunt Bryt helped Sawyer and showed her which blueberries were ready to be picked.

Back at the house the little girls spent some time together...bathing, eating, playing, the usual.

Sawyer picked her nose before taking a nap on the couch and Mazie climbed on her in her diaper.  That whole situation just seems grubby.

We did fireworks at my parents' house and Marc was being an idiot (sorry babe, you were driving me nuts doing that) and holding fireworks in his hands and he actually burned one of his fingers.  He tried to play it off like it wasn't a big deal, but I saw him secretly pouring a cold drink on his hand to cool it off, and then my mom wised up to what he was doing and got him an ice pack. 

We road tripped to New Jersey to see our old house (I lived there for 7 years before coming to California) and stayed in the beach town where we used to go all of the time when I was just a little thing.  It was such a fun time revisiting my old stomping grounds and really, Spring Lake, New Jersey is so amazing I wouldn't mind having a house there myself.

The ugliest car on the road.  Our rental.

In Spring Lake we spent some time at the beach and Sawyer enjoyed playing in the waves.  We got stormed on one day and all 3 Dimick girls (I am including myself in this) almost started to cry (or did cry) when it was pouring on us with cold rain and we had to get shelter under the boardwalk.  We are such a tough bunch of chicks.

What the beach looked like after the rain...

We went to Asbury Park and walked the boardwalk and played in the splash pad that overlooked the beach, and visited Point Pleasant which is like a giant carnival on the boardwalk. We went to Seaside Heights where the Jersey Shore is filmed and we actually saw The Situation walking into his "house".  Seaside Heights is t.r.a.s.h.  So gross.  Entertaining though.  I am spoiled.  I am amazed at the kinds of places other people live in. 

The Jersey Shore House...

Sawyer's first carnival game...

This was supposed to be a hug.  Sawyer was pretty proud of her first carnival prize, the alligator.

I really don't like driving, I prefer flying, but I like the concept of "road trips".  The girls were really good in the car and everything was going great, but lo and behold, we got in a car accident on the highway.  Some champ rear-ended us in our rental car.  I cried.  Marc stayed calm.  And no one was hurt.  It ended up turning out ok and it wasn't as big of a deal as I thought it was going to be.  So glad no injuries were involved!

Where the accident happened...

My girls got in lots of bonding time with their cousin Mazie and their grandparents (Bubba & Tutu) and I just loved hanging out with my family and relaxing and being around the people that make me happy.  I love my peeps.

Marc sleeping on my bed. He is clearly too big for it.

Our trip was so fun, and I am sad that it is already over.  It was a perfect vacation and I am grateful that we got to spend that time together.

Firefly catching is serious business.

So many fun memories.

It is always a little sad when it is time to go home.

Leaving behind the "Virginia Ballards"...

Checking in at Dulles...

On the plane.

Landing in San Diego.

I love you family! I. could. not. be. luckier.

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