Thursday, July 21, 2011

"it's just nothin' to worry about"

All day long I kind of narrate my blog in my head.  Well, not necessarily for my blog, but I have streaming thoughts and words that go through my mind all day long that describe all the little different parts of my life, most of which, I wouldn't mind writing  down.  It really isn't in a neurotic way (or maybe it is?) but I am just constantly thinking about things I am grateful for, things I need to do, things I don't want to do, things I want, things I want to remember, things I like....but by the time I sit down at the computer at night my brain is fried and I can hardly ever put together a complete sentence, and we all know that my grammar turns to poo after a long day of life.  It is odd to me how the time goes by so fast but days still seem long.  I don't mind that the days feel long, in fact, I enjoy most of my days, but there is a lot to do and a lot to get done and a lot of my time spent worrying about if my kids have had enough to eat, did I remember to brush teeth (I try to never forget but occasionally I slip up!), nap schedules, have we had enough outdoor time, have I kept them stimulated enough, did I remember to get the load of wash out of the wash machine or is it going to sit in there for two days all wet and really is mentally exhausting. Then when I throw my "work" in there on top of it, oh my, my brain goes on the fritz and my eyes start going crossed.  I have kind of a lot on my plate, there are lots of people with a lot more than me, but right now, I have pretty much as much as I can stomach.

Unfortunately the camera didn't focus right...but that's ok.

So I decided to try again...except this time Sawyer didn't want to be apart of it.  Why I would want to capture myself in such an un-glamorous state I don't know, but I did and I am ok with it.

I couldn't sleep the other night.  It sucked.  But last night I got 12 hours of sleep so I am feeling better now.  I had weird dreams last night though.  My family and I were driving from Kauai to Tasmania (yes, I realize this is impossible) and along the way we saw red horses which (in my dream) Bryt said "Red horses are my favorite!".  The whole thing was very very bizarre, and I knew I was dreaming, but I didn't want to wake up because I was anxious to see what was next.  It was so very strange.

Sawyer had her last swim lesson of the summer today.  She is a fishy and we love it.  This picture was from her Wednesday lesson.  She wasn't very focused that day but she still did alright, and she always looks cute, so that helps.  At one point she got on her instructors back without being instructed to do so...that was a first.  So odd.

I am fortunate and I have a rockstar husband.  He helps.  And that helps.  I got my hair done this week.  Finally.  It had been 4 months, and you could tell.  While the girl was shampooing my hair and massaging my neck I kept wondering why I didn't come in more often.  So this is it, I think I am getting back on a 6-8 week hair routine.  I thought I could go "natural"..."natural" wasn't as great as I thought it was going to be, although I do like that my hair grows out better now.  I also took time out this week to go get my teeth bleached.  They weren't really yellow or anything, but like everything else from time to time, they needed a boost.  At first I thought my teeth changed a lot, but now I don't think so...maybe I am just used to them.  

Yesterday Sawyer said something so cute.  She accidentally splashed me with her orange Gatorade when she was setting the bottle down on the table.  At first it was an accident, so I kind of laughed, but then she did it again to get the same reaction.  I wasn't mad but I said "Sawyer!" in a sort of joking angry way and she looked at me and said "it's just nothin' to worry about!".  And I liked that line.  I still like it.  It makes me smile thinking about her saying that to me.  She is a treat.

I got out our Frisbee golf game the other day.  Sawyer thought it was awesome.

I had Harper work on her standing.  So excited for her to walk so she can do more things with the family and not be scraping herself up scooting around on the ground.

Can you tell that I am obsessed with this little fluffy head of hair?  She is so yummy.  

Harper is funny.  I think she is a total stinker at heart, but she is too sweet to get in trouble.  She pulls Sawyer's hair (and I am telling you, it is completely intentional), swats at Sawyer's face, yells at Sawyer, and tries to unplug everything from the walls (and gives a startled jump and a guilty face when you raise your voice and say "Harper!".  She is hilarious.  She is my little peach.  She is officially rolling over now (in all directions! yes, she is 13 months old...going on 14 months...don't judge) and can sit up on her own.  Her fluffy blonde hair kills me and I think it is hilarious when she gets excited about something and kicks her legs and squeals in delight.  She has the most awesome smile ever with her "pieces of teef" as Sawyer calls them (she still only has two little snaggle teeth on the bottom). 

The other day Harper and I left the pool early and Marc & Sawyer stayed and played.  I got Harps in her jams...I enjoy time alone with her, it doesn't happen very often.

This was this morning, Harper was licking the bubbles off of the side of the bathtub.  Why?

My baby is growing growing growing, but she still has the tiniest feet ever.  They are like stilts.

I love newborns.  I think they are precious and there isn't anything in the world like them, but I reallly love my babes once they hit a year.  I like being able to incorporate them more into our life and have them be able to participate in more activities.  Marc has been taking the girls to the pool often...just he and the kids.  I joined them the other day, although I think Marc likes it better when I am not there.  Once our kids get a little more substantial he loves playing with them and taking them to do things...I like that.

Sawyer loves projects, she is surprisingly tidy with paint.  She loves to paint.  I love to see her creations.  

It is true, I adore my family.

You may or may not have noticed that my family photos have suffered lately.  It makes me sad.  I haven't taken as many.  I am already overwhelmed by the masses of pictures I have been taking of other people recently that I can't keep taking them up of my own peeps too.  So grateful that we have vacation coming up soon...I love it when I have time to just focus on my family :)

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