Friday, August 12, 2011

Back on the Board

After putting the paddle boards away for the last year we finally brought them out again and get Sawyer on the board.  She was excited at first...then when Marc got out by the boats in the harbor she started to cry hysterically...she wasn't happy.  Then I took Sawyer out and paddled around on my knees while she sat on the front and she loved it. By the end of the paddling outing she was standing up on the board with Marc happy as a clam (but somehow I managed to not get any pictures of this).

Harper didn't get a chance on the board, but she was happy playing and eating sand.  Typical ;)  Her friend Lauren was there too, they are a cute pair.  Lauren's parents were also there..but I never take pictures with my friends anymore...I only seem to take pictures of my kids with their friends.  That is ok, the babies are cuter than us adults anyways.

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