Friday, September 30, 2011

Baby Steps & Piggy Tails

In all of the recent commotion and "excitement" around here I never got around to posting about Harper and her big development...her ability to WALK!  Finally, Harper is officially a walker! :)  On Wednesday, September 21st, the same day that Sawyer broke her elbow, Harper began to walk.  She was taking a few steps at a time during the week leading up to this day, but she now has the ability to get to where she wants to go via her feet.

Harper also started rocking a new hairdo and she looks adorable with her hair in piggy tails.  Piggy tails fit her personality perfectly and they sort of help keep her longish stick straight hair out of her face and eyes.  Harper, that one, she is something else.  She makes me smile.  (Speaking of smiles, her top two teeth broke through the gums and are making an appearance!)

Harper's life long dream has been to push around the baby doll strollers and now that she can, that is all she wants to do.  I am so happy for her now that she conquered and completed her biggest goal.

Harper's feet are finally growing (she wears a size 3 people, officially out of the 2s!) and we have to make an extra effort to remember to put shoes on her when we go out now that she likes toddling around.  In the last two days I have managed to forget Harper's shoes for one of the outings, and Sawyer's shoes for the other.  I am losing it.

Harper's favorite things in life, her bink, pushing a stroller, Charlotte, and food...lots of food.

I love this little walker of mine!

(Harper was showing off her new skill when we visited my sister at her office one day last week)
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