Friday, September 23, 2011

Can't Sleep

I have been in bed for almost two hours and I can't fall asleep (although I am really tired). My brain is essentially turned off (is it just me or does that happen to everyone after a long day?) so I can't respond to emails and there isn't anything new and interesting on Instagram so I thought I'd try out this Blogger app I have.

My little ones. They exhaust me. The drive me crazy. Yet, I can never get enough of them. I take like 200 pictures a day because I hate to think that there might be a day when I will forget what their chubby little arms looked like, or how their messy hair secretly makes me happy, or how Sawyer is a total lover and just wants attention and love 24/7 or how Harper likes to do her own thing most of the time but how she gets so excited when you stop what you're doing to snuggle with her. I know I am going to forget so many things, but I know I won't ever forget how much I have loved and will continue to love them. I can't imagine being apart from them...not even for a little vacation...I think this growing up business is going to be really tough on me.

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