Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Disney Day

Last week while Marc was away fishing in Alaska, me and the girls hung out with Marc's mom and had a little bit of a staycation.  Or a lot a bit of a staycation...it was like vacation...but we didn't go anywhere.  It was great.

One day we visited Disneyland, possibly the highlight of our week. It was hot and pretty crowded, but we made the most of it.  We discovered that Harper has a love for rides and Sawyer gets a kick out of seeing the characters.  The last time we went to Disneyland Sawyer cried on Dumbo, this time she told us it was her favorite ride, so we went on it twice.

Harper did great waiting in the lines.  She spent most of the day holding our hands and "walking" with the occasional push in her stroller.  

Meeting the princesses was probably the most entertaining part of the day.  Sawyer either awkwardly posed or stared at the princess and picked her nose.  Oh to be a three year old.

We started our day off on the carousel...always a safe bet for a good time.

Even Grandma enjoyed it.

While waiting for Dumbo Harper took a snack break.

Sawyer loved being able to make the Dumbo ride go up and down.

Harper couldn't reach the controller, but she liked the ride none the less.

Our view in the sky.

My ride companion.

The kids love the teacups.  I actually wouldn't mind avoiding this one since I get kind of sick feeling, but the girls love it, there for, I love it.

Sawyer already had her ears from the last visit to Disneyland but we got Harper a hat this visit.  

Sawyer doing her princess pose.

Harper wanted to meet Sleeping Beauty too.

Awkward princess encounter.  Sawyer picked her nose as the princess talked to her.  Plus Sawyer's shorts are unbuttoned and she refused to let anyone help her snap them back closed.

Sawyer thinks Minnie's house is pretty neat.

Meeting Goofy and getting his autograph was pretty exciting.

When is a swirly lollipop not awesome?

Someone was getting tired but she never naps on big outings.

Sawyer peed her pants while waiting in line to meet Minnie so we had to make a wardrobe change, and unfortunately, the extra jeans I had packed were quite small for her.  She didn't care too much though.  The accident was pretty out of character for her, it took us all by surprise.

We took a ride on the teacups before leaving the park...looks and sounds like everyone had a good Disney Day :)

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