Monday, September 19, 2011

Harper @ 15 Months

Our little gal had her 15 month check-up last week.  Sawyer had spent the night at Grandma's so it was just Harper and I at the doctor.  Phew.  Taking one kid requires a lot of energy, dragging two kids into the appointment is straight up exhausting, especially since Harper is a terrible patient and Sawyer cries when she sees her sister upset.  We are a disaster.

Following true to suit, Harper threw a fit as soon as the nurse walked into the room and tried to measure her height.  Between the tears and screams we were able to find out that Harper is perfectly healthy and is starting to show a lot of personality.  

 (so happy eating some ice cream in Laguna Beach)

Harper isn't quite walking but she really is SO close.  She will take a few steps on her own every now and then, but she usually prefers to be holding onto something for balance or holding someone's hand.  Harper's top left tooth finally made an appearance and the rest of her top teeth are on the brink of breaking through the gums.  She is a late bloomer, this little one, but she is starting to really catch up.

Harper is really mild mannered most of the time but if she wants something she will definitely let you know.  Harper loves hugs and kisses and I am pretty convinced that her dad is her favorite person.  Harper is a great eater and loves strawberries, MorningStar sausage patties, cheddar cheese, Hawaiian rolls, whole milk (no juice for this little one), squeezy packets of pureed baby food (especially ones containing banana).

Charlotte is still Harper's favorite stuffed animal, and she drags that little pink bunny rabbit around with her everywhere.  If she is tired, Harper always wants her bink.

Harper gives her big sister Sawyer a lot of sass, and they are already starting to fight over toys, clothes, and even strollers. We have one pink umbrella stroller, and one black one, who knew that Harper was already old enough to identify the pink one and let us all know how much she wants to be sitting in that one as opposed to her black one?  It is incredible.

Harper doesn't say too many words yet but she is really good at communicating her needs and wants and she clearly understands what we are saying to her.  Although I got to watch Sawyer go through these developmental stages, it is just as fascinating to watch Harper go through them as well.

Harper is such a lucky little lady and she gets so much love from her big sister.  She gets lots of love from everyone, actually, what is not to love?

Harper's Stats:

Weight - 21 lbs. 10 oz. - 30th percentile
Height - 31 inches - 60th percentile
Head Circumference - 18 inches - 45th percentile

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