Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sea Life Aquarium & Legoland

Last week we visited the Sea Life Aquarium and Legoland.  I had heard mixed reviews on the aquarium but we wanted to check it out anyways. 

The aquarium was perfect.  It was smaller than some, but more interactive than others, and the girls seemed to get a kick out of it.  The restaurant in the aquarium was really great was healthier than most amusement park type restaurants and the music playing made it really peaceful.  I think the restaurant and the sweet potato fries were my favorite part of the day.  The company wasn't bad either :)

The last time we had gone to Legoland Harper was an itty bitty thing.  This time she wanted to go on the rides and do the same things as Sawyer, it was so disappointing because Legoland doesn't allow kids Harper's age on hardly any rides at all.  Seriously, the rides are so dinky and they are so strict with their rules...Disneyland is way more accommodating in that department (and more fun, if we are being honest).  But Harper did enjoy the rides she was able to go on, and Sawyer loved everything.

Sawyer could be a little scary when she turns 16...this girl needs some serious driving instructions.

We did have a good day and Sawyer most definitely enjoyed herself.  I think Legoland will be the perfect place when the girls are like 3 and 5ish.  

Thanks Grandma for another fun adventure...we made so many great memories last week! :)
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